Thursday, August 6, 2009

I bet there are lots of miesse in Phredi's house

REORARR: The sound my stomach makes when I am craving pizza.

MORAZI: A nazi moron.

PHREDI: After Freddie got his PhD, he started getting a little stuck up....

AUTIVE: The word "automotive," where the "omot" needs to be replaced and will probably cost you at least eight hundred bucks.

FLYTONE: Politically correct term for the sound flies make when they buzz.

DEMOL: (1) The word "demolish" which has had the last syllable demolished. (2) Instead of sharing de big platter of de garlic shrimp, I ended up eating demol myself.

NONSUS: A census where nobody answered.

MIESSE: Mice who live in a really classy neighborhood.

INVES: The word "invest," which made a bad investment and ended up losing its last letter.

DEMIDEX: A prescription medication to make Demi Moore wonder why she's with Ashton Kutcher.

GRATH: What people with lisps mow in the summertime.

SLYZIGY: A syzygy which is really sneaky.

PREST: (1) A priest who can't spell (2) I prest the button for the automatic car wash because all those birds pooped on my windshield.


Anonymous said...

OMG I love these - so difficult to pick a favorite - let's see: morazi-Yes. Flytone - makes sense. Nonsus, miesse, demidex - clever. Grath - cracked me up.

You are just too darn clever, Miss Janna

whall said...

I love these.

Janna said...

Grace: Thank you! :)

Whall: It looks like you and Grace are the only ones! :(

Phillipia said...

These are great...thanks for the laugh.

Janna said...

Phillipia: Thank you for commenting! I'm glad at least three people liked it. :)