Friday, August 7, 2009

Feel free to contribute to the sherbet fund

Since it's going to be in the 90's this weekend, with a heat index in the 100's, I plan to move to the Arctic Circle and share an igloo with a polar bear while we roll naked in vats of lime sherbet.
If that's not enough, I may have to turn on the fan too.
Please tell me igloos have electrical outlets.


Mik said...

In the 90's, bah! that's cold woman!

We've had it in the 100's and it's bloody Seattle.

Luckily it is cooling down because the ceiling fan and too other fans blowing make it hard to sleep.

That and laying in a pool of sweat (well I assume it was sweat).

Mik said...

"Two" not too, heat has melted my grammar.

Da Old Man said...

I think I saw that on youtube. And the fan was running, so yes, igloos have electrical outlets.

Jeff said...


Anonymous said...

Nooo - water and electricity don't mix. Neither do people and polar bears - I'm getting a bad feeling about this...

Janna said...

Mik: Anything above 75 is too hot for my comfort. 80 is miserable. 90 is gruesome. 100 melts my brain and causes me to think I'm a retired hockey player from Siberia who used to drive a garbage truck and is allergic to polyester.

DaOldMan: Yay!

Jeff: That depends on what the polar bear is wearing.

Grace: The lime sherbet will make it all worth it.

VE said...

I hope there were twinkies suspended in the lime sherbert. That's the only proper way to eat it (or swim in it)

Jamie said...

Hate to break it to you, but the reason eskimos buy ice boxes is to keep food from freezing.

Good luck with that fan.

Anonymous said...

Janna, I lived in New Mexico when I was a kid( among other places ). We could hit well over 120deg. in the hot months( tho' it is an arid clime, so a bit more bearable ).

Travis said...

As Mik said, we did have our heatwave not long ago out in the northwest. But it's cooled down to a more reasonable and comfortable level now. I suspect that we hi-jacked weather actually meant for you, and now it has finally gotten to you.

Sorry about that.

Janna said...

VE: Lime sherbet and twinkies? Really?

Jamie: All I ask is a nice cozy spot somewhere CLOSE to freezing.

Subtorp: I hear Arizona is bad too.

Travis: Send it down to Florida next time! They actually LIKE that kind of thing.