Monday, July 13, 2009

Yet more reasons why you shouldn't swim in the fountain

The Manic Monday theme is "Fountain".
It just so happens that I already did a "fountain" themed post on Friday, so you can always click back and re-read that instead. I'll never know. I never know anything these days.

Today, though, I'll just show you pictures of other fountains which struck me as odd.

First, there's one in Chicago which is a sculpture devoted to dog poop.*

I learned about it from this post over at Oddity Central, which has plenty more pictures of it, plus a story of how it came to be.

Chocolate fountains will never look quite the same now.

Then, there's this site which has a whole page full of 12 bizarre fountains.

There's (among others) a lactating mermaid, a kid peeing on a frog, and a guy throwing up in London.

Feel free to explain the one about the naked kid riding the swan and choking him at the same time.

*So much for having a post without any waste products this time.
Oh, well. Maybe tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Only you would find a dog poop fountain. Too funny. The naked kid one is too much. The lactating mermaid...well that goes without saying LOL. Good MM

Jamie said...

There are certain things that should not flow quite so freely.

Janna said...

Thom: And don't forget the one with the guy throwing up in London. :)

Jamie: So true!

Anonymous said...

Hyuck, hyuck! What will we humans think of next? It's all in the interpretation, yes? Well, except for the dog poo one and the vomit-guy...pretty much straight-forward, wot? Too, the mermaid and "ppe-boy" ( both copied so many times, it's a bloody plague! )

Janna said...

Subtorp77: I'm just glad there isn't a fountain devoted to lactose intolerance. As far as we know.

Anonymous said...

janna, I need a break from my writing. Sounds like google time....

Anonymous said...

You will forgive me if I don't click over to those links. The descriptions are enough to make me queasy. As for the photos you posted - ewwww!

Janna said...

Subtorp77: Google-Time is sort of like Hammer-Time, except it burns fewer calories.

Grace: Hee! :)

Travis said...

It's not so much that you found odd fountains. That is to be expected so that it's not that unusual.

It's that I actually clicked on the links and toured through the odd fountains.


Janna said...

Travis: Pretty cool, huh? :)