Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why you shouldn't swim in the fountain

BROPP: The sound I made after drinking too much Pepsi all at once.

ASHGERE: What's left over after Richard Gere gets cremated.

TISERGU: An anagram of GUSTIER. Must be it was so windy the letters got blown around.

UNDILI: Something Speedy Gonzales shouted a lot.

WACKSHON: From the Karate Kid...."Wackshon, Wackshoff..."

SNESIAN: A Polynesian with allergies.

BEARILY: I was running for my life with a grizzly on my tail, and I bearily made it.

PIEDN: I drank four cups of water, and then piedn the fountain when no one was looking.

ETTERS: Letters which have the first page missing.

MOOLAC: A milk product specially designed for lactose intolerant people.

ANCID: The word "rancid", which has rotted so much that the "R" has fallen off. (Beware of ancid Moolac.)

ANTEN: There's an anten my pants, which is why I'm walking so funny. (It probably got in there while I piedn the fountain.)

PYRIUM: New! Centrum One-A-Day, now with pyrium! It's either pyramid-shaped, or it helps treat pyromaniacs. We're not sure. Buy it anyway!


Lynda said...

You crack me up!

Anonymous said...

How do you ever come up with all of these. This is just too funny :)

Anonymous said...

These are brilliant - one funnier than the other. I'm not sure I can even pick a favorite!

Marilyn said...

If I ever meet a grizzly (which is actually pretty likely, considering) I hope I make it bearily back.

VE said...

Thank God you're drinking Pepsi and not Coke. The gnomes will not stand for Coke...

Janna said...

Lynda: I try!

Thom: Hey, the antispam thingy does the hard part. I just interpret. :)

Grace: I think my favorites are BROPP and PIEDN.

Marilyn: I hope you make it back completely and in one piece, instead of just barely! (er... bearily)!

VE: Actually, right now I'm not drinking either! I've been on a semi-health kick lately where I only want bottled water and tea.