Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wow, it's Thursday again already?

Ok, well, here... how about more entries for the Jannapedia.
It's either that or "Thirteen things I just scooped out of the litter box."
Trust me, you're getting the better end of the deal.

STACT: My leftovers have been stact in the freezer for ages and some of them just invented the wheel.

BECAN: A pecan that tastes like bacon. (Good for turkey stuffing, bad for sundaes).

RESSIP: Try spelling it backwards!

DINGESSE: A dingus with finesse.

COAKE: The favorite cola of people who can't spell.

EXHALL: 1. When Whall breathes out. 2. A corridor that has resigned.

THELID: If you're gonna keep bugs in a jar, be sure to poke some holes in thelid.

MISIN: If you're misin for more than 3 weeks, can I have your stuff?

SKABLES: Sounds like a mix between scabies and stables. Don't touch the horses!

PEEGITS: Peegits on the carpet when the cats miss the litter box.

ANLESS: After I started caring less anless about being "normal", I slept better at night.

GASION: The ion you get from eating beans.

HYTHSH: A cat with a lisp, trying to hiss.


VE said...

You should visit Serena; she does these word definitions too. I've never much had the aptitude.

Mr. Condescending said...

haha i like the hissing cat one!

Da Old Man said...

Becans could be a hit. Everything is better with bacon.

Anonymous said...

You so crack me up. The lisping cat. What a ressip these words are. ROFLMAO

whall said...

These are my favorite posts.


Janna said...

VE: Serena? I'll have to figure out who that is... (Anyone? Anyone?)

Mr.Condescending: Thankth. :)

DaOldMan: So true!

Thom: I try!

Whall: So, CAN I have your stuff if you're misin for more than three weeks? Except for the rock band stuff?

VE said...

She's Parenthetically Speaking on my blog roll...

Janna said...

VE: Ahh! The blogroll that hasn't been updated since April 2nd, you mean? :)