Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cherry Strawberry Kool-Aid Hair

Guess what I did today!

It was a slow day in the salon, and I decided I wanted my hair colored.
First mom did it the "normal" way, the "right" way, with professional hair color products.
Since I have really dark hair, we had to lighten it first so the color would show up. We bleached my bangs, along with a few streaks along the back. Then we put a reddish purple color on it.
I was disappointed, because it turned out too dark and subdued, too conservative, too ordinary. I wanted something brighter and freakier; something that would frighten small children and cause adults to gasp in horror.

That's when mom and I remembered hearing that you can dye your hair bright colors with Kool-Aid. (!!!)

Just for fun, we decided we simply HAD to try it, to see if it would really work.
What can I say.
It was a slow day, and we felt like being silly. :)

I went out and bought a multi-pack for 89 cents. There was cherry, tropical punch, orange, lime, strawberry, grape, and some blue-ish berry thing. We decided to mix the cherry and strawberry. One packet of each. Mixed it extra strong, with only about 1/4 cup of water. With my head tilted back into the shampoo sink, mom proceeded to coat my hair with it.

I have the coolest mom ever.

Since it was just the flavoring powder and water (no sugar), it wasn't sticky sweet at all. Really, it was just intensely-colored water.

My bangs are now the color of an electric tomato with radiation poisoning.
It's great!

Plus, I smell downright delicious, just like cherry-strawberry Kool-Aid.

It'll be interesting to see if it shampoos out.
Maybe next time I can try blue!

Note: Here's a video of someone else who did the same thing, though they used a different method than I did.
They mixed theirs with conditioner and left it on for ten hours (!!!).
I used mine in concentrated liquid form, and left it on for just a few minutes.




Bluepaintred said...

No pictures? Really?


Janna said...

Blue: I know! Sorry. I need to get a digital camera. My old one doesn't work on the new computer.

Thinkinfyou said...

Oh that's too funny.We are on the same wavelength.Although mine experiment didn't turn out like yours.

VE said...

As long as you don't get those koolaid freaks sucking on your hair when you aren't looking...

Da Old Man said...

We need pictures. Yeah, I already read about the being cameraless part.

Word of advice about camera. I bought some stupid Kodak all new, latest greatest does everything but wash my car camera. The battery lasted a few weeks, which was ok, lots of holiday pictures. A new battery is $30+ and can only be bought through the mail from Kodak. Major PITA.

Janna said...

Thinkinfyou: It wouldn't have burned if you hadn't shaved! :)

VE: I could charge them $29.99 and have a "flavor of the month" club!

DaOldMan: Acgghh! That does sound like a PITA. The battery only lasted a few weeks??? $30.00????? You should take a picture of you mooning them, and send it in with your next order.

Morgiana Le Fey said...

that's awesome janna. i remember some of my friends dyed their hair with kool-aid back in high school. i think the intensity of the color faded but it still lasted for a while. can't wait to see it on tuesday (.=

Ram Venkatararam said...

Next time, I'd suggest the Kickin-Kiwi-Lime, the Rock-a-dile Red or the Triple Awesome Grape. All look great and taste even better. I stock them all in my store, so I can set you up.


Janna said...

Morgian: By Tuesday I may have already tried other colors instead!

Ram: We tried "grape" dye on Friday. It didn't end up purple at all. Kinda ugly drab, in fact. We also tried the blue raspberry stuff. It dyed the porous ends but not the rest. So we rinsed it out and went back to the same strawberry color as before.

whall said...

Do me a favor and go outside, look up and smile for a Google Earth picture. With colors like these, you're sure to show up.

Janna said...

Whall: Well? Did you see me? I tried to wave and smile pretty....