Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just call me Janna Webster

Is it just me, or has Blogger changed their anti-spam words to be more readable lately?
Back in the old days, you'd see freaky stuff like "zxyxqqpq" and "yyiivyxv". Stuff that was annoying to even look at, let alone type.
But I swear, lately they look more like actual words. They're NOT, but they look like they could easily pass, if they had a mustache and a fake ID.
It's (almost) enough to make me want to put that option back in the comments section, just so you could all let me know what your anti-spam words are.

Here are some actual anti-spam "words" I've gotten from Blogger blogs lately.
I've taken the liberty of making up my own definitions for them.

OVENCER (It's an oven AND a mincer, all in one! NOW how much would you pay?)

(Sounds like a comic book villain who can hypnotize people... and he's watching you right now.)

PHICKSH (Like a really bad speller tried writing the word "fiction" and gave up halfway through)

HERSHAB (But what about HIS shab?)

LOWCHOON (After many years of failed relationships with High Choons, Marjorie decided to try a change of pace.)

THUDICC (The sound of someone falling and having hiccups at the same time)

PRECLAD (Before you are clad, you are pre-clad. Which apparently must be the same thing as naked.)

PHYTR (I M a phytr. I phite reel gud but I kant spel vary welll.)

PLOSEST (P looked everywhere, but just couldn't find T...)

RESSEL (It's "lesser" spelled backwards, so does that make it greater?)

ENNARAPS (No, really! She does! A few years ago she made a CD with Snoop Doggy Dogg...)

CONST (What happens when someone with ADD tries making a sign for construction zones)

ILTRI (I cnt spel vry wel but il tri)

INESSE (After many long negotiations, the letter "F" decided to leave the word "finesse", choosing instead to accept employment contracts with the words "Fermentation" and "Flatulence".

FLESUS (The savior of fleas)


Shelly said...

I love your definitions. And yes, I've gotten Blogger capchas lately that really do look like words. I think one actually was, by accident, I'm sure.

Morgiana Le Fey said...

brilliant, as per your usual (.=

my favorites were "thudicc" and "flesus". me=amused!

Giggle Pixie said...

These were awesome. I especially love Hyptor! I think he's my new favorite superhero!

Marilyn said...

I don't tell you often enough that your blog is the best, most consistently funny blog I've every been to. This one kept me giggling for a good five minutes, so it's good that there wasn't anything here I was afraid to explain to Jasmine.

Da Old Man said...

Noticed the same thing, but you were astute enough to turn it into a funny blog post.

Shelli said...

OMG! I have a post in drafts where I was going to use blogger "words" to write a story.

Trukindog said...

LOL "CONST" is my favorite...theres alot of that goin around in the hey whats this button on my keyboard that has PrtScnSYSRq on it, I've never notic ya know a bologna sammich sounds good right now......

Janna said...

Shelly: I got one that was a word too, awhile back! The word was "Making".

Morgian: I figured you'd like Flesus. :)

GigglePixie: I picture him having an outfit made of snakeskin, and he's a snake-charmer in real life. Hey, even villains have to have day jobs.

Marilyn: Awwww. Thanks. :)

DaOldMan: I try!

Shelli: Really? That sounds fun. :)

Trukindog: I hate bologna because it's made of weird stuff like, hey, my arm itches; I wonder if I got bitten by LOOK, my cat just pooped on the floor...

Mo said...

I done thoughts ats where tuna lived, inesse.

Janna said...

Morgen: Ah, but the "e" is silent! (Because I said so. :)

Jamie said...

Acually PHICKSH is how your stomach feels with confronted with fried liver for dinner, so you beg off and got eat some LOWCHOON at the oriental restaurant

whall said...

oh please please please don't add them back. I can't stand captchas other than the humorous interlude provided by you here today. Just requiring a blogger login seems to be enough for most places...

Also? I didn't know that about Enna.

Janna said...

Jamie: Ack! Liver! Ack!

Whall: I do get some spam comments once in awhile, wanting me to buy something or click on their business site. I always delete stuff like that. Every time it happens I briefly reconsider the whole anti-spam thing. But then I decide against it, because I think it would probably chase away the good commenters along with the spammy ones. :)