Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's Doodle Week again!

Another Doodle Week has begun.
Apparently this time the themes are based on the seven deadly sins.
Here's the schedule, if you'd like to check it out.

Today's theme is LUST.
Now, this is a pretty fun theme. However, instead of going for the obvious post about Johnny Depp, I thought I'd mention my lust for acquiring fountain pens. I've already blogged about it a few times... here and here and especially here.
Sadly, I'm too poor to own any really valuable ones. Still, I have a small collection of low and mid-range ones. Good high-quality fountain pens can easily cost hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars.
I know. It's insane.
Still, I love them.

Last year while I was visiting Morgen, I brought a pen catalog with me. I lustily remarked on how gorgeous all the obscenely expensive pens were.
That's when Morgen started calling the catalogs my "pen porn". :)


Marilyn said...

Oooohhh. Those are pretty. I don't own a single fountain pen but Andy has two.

Maybe I should ask for one for Christmas.

Erika said...

hehe, I lust for sharpies! good doodle!!

whall said...

What's a "fountain" pen. Do they spray ink like a fountain? Do you throw pennies in them and wish?

Janna said...

Marilyn: Why wait til Christmas? Make up a pretend holiday right now and tell him it's "Give fountain pens to your wife's blog friends" Day.

Erika: Sharpies come in all sorts of colors these days. Those can be fun too. :)

Whall: **GASP** I can't believe you don't know what a fountain pen is. I am in shock. Go click on the links I have in the post, and you will see pictures of fountain pens. They're the kinds of pens that were used a hundred years ago, before ballpoints were invented. They have nibs. They take liquid water-based ink from a bottle (or cartridges). Try them. They are joyous.

Jamie said...

Depp lust is in a whole different category. As someone who actually thinks office supply stores are interesting, I fully understand the desire for the perfect pen. Errant kleptomania only gets you interesting. It takes really dollars to acquire beautiful. Sort of the difference between a quick pick up and marrying for money.

Maddy said...

Always funny how these connections percolate.
Best wishes

Evil Genius said...

Though not a huge fan of the fountain pen in particular, I am a HUGE fan of pens, pencils, notebooks, and all things made to mark with or mark on. I've had this fetish since I was a little girl. If I ever got a job at a campus bookstore I'd probably never go home at night. :)

Laura said...

I did Keanu Reeves instead of Johnny Depp. It was a Keanu night for movies on Saturday. I finally got to watch almost all of The Lake House. Happy doodling.

Janna said...

Jamie: Kleptomania?? I swear I have no plans of stealing them! Really! Get those handcuffs away from me!

Maddy: It is, isn't it?

EvilGenius: Oooh, yes, I LOVE paper and writing utensils. I could spend hours in an office supply store and not get bored at all. Especially if I had a $500.00 gift card. :)

Laura: Whenever I hear of Keanu Reeves, I always think of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Even though he's done other stuff since then, that's what I think of....

Mo said...

They are phallic-shaped hard objects that squirt and make you obsess over them... I think "pen porn" fits.

Janna said...

Morgen: And some of them leak.

Sanni said...

Me, too :-) - I love LOVE L.O.V.E. fountain pens. I'm proud owner of a Montblanc. This one was a present my parents gave me after graduation. Having two kids I don't think I will ever be able to buy a matching pen or pencil. ;-)

Janna said...

Sanni: Oooh, enjoy the Montblanc!