Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Where has Janna been?

Tuesday night there was no band rehearsal, but ABC group got together anyway so we could say goodbye to Chris.
As you may remember from previous posts, Chris is originally from Michigan but currently has a teaching gig in Ethiopia. He was home for a visit but is returning to Africa soon (tomorrow, I think).
So we got together Tuesday night and had a goodbye party.
It was held in Lansing at Kyle/Morgian/Steven's new house. Yes, they're all chipping in on a house together! They haven't totally moved in yet; there is still no hot water, and some rooms were completely void of furniture, but still we managed to have a good time.
I spent the night and didn't get back home until 4:30 Wednesday afternoon. I've been awake for the past 28 hours. No sleep! None! I am exhausted!

Additional note: Those of you who know me well know that I am very uneasy about driving in large cities. Keep in mind that I was raised in a small village, and I now live in an even tinier village, so pretty much anything qualifies as a "large city" to me.
Lansing certainly qualifies.
Even though I lived in East Lansing for two years when I went to MSU, this particular drive involved parts of town I was unfamiliar with. Kyle/Morgian/Steve's new house is in the northern part of Lansing, (about a 90 minute drive, maybe more) so I had to drive through a lot of city-ness to get there. Tons of traffic, zipping along in multiple lanes. Some of these streets were one-way, and you know how I feel about not being able to turn around. Nervewracking and harrowing and frustrating, made worse by the fact that some streets were closed due to road construction. I had to take a detour on the way home, which caused me to say some unpleasant words I probably shouldn't have said.
Still, all in all, I'm glad I went. It was good to see my friends, and I made it home safely. So all's well that ends well, right?
Now, if you'll pardon me, I really need to take a nap.


Desert Songbird said...

Glad you made it safely through the city maze. Now, get a good nap!

Evil Genius said...

Yeah, Lansing is kind of nerve wracking if you don't like alot of traffic around you. But Detroit is much worse. My recommendation? Stay away from both cities. lol

At any rate, I'm glad you made it and you had a good time!

Marilyn said...

I hate one-way streets too. Glad you made it home okay.

metalmom said...

My town is full of one way streets and culs-de-sac. I was lost recently. Thank God I had a five year old with me to help me home!!

Wanna visit? You can drive!

Janna said...

DesertSongbird: My "nap" ended up lasting 19 hours! (!!!)

EvilGenius: I do stay away from both, whenever possible!

Marilyn: I arrived home in one piece, so I suppose things could have been much worse! :)

Metalmom: The only thing worse than being lost is being lost with a five-year-old.

Travis said...

Good for you to face the big city annoyances to spend time with your friends.

Janna said...

Travis: I'm glad I went. :)