Friday, August 8, 2008

I need WHAT??

A few of you have done this meme already. It's where you Google your name, and put the word "needs" after it.
For example, if your name is Daphne, you'd Google the words "Daphne needs".
Be sure to put quotes around it, so the search engine will find entries that have those two words right next to each other.
I could've sworn I already did this meme, but I can't find it anywhere, so here. I'm doing it again.

One humorous thing is that my results led me to two other bloggers named Janna who also did this meme. One has a blog called "Janna's Life". Here's the other one (can't find a title for it).

Without further ado, here are the things that I (apparently) need:

1. Janna needs to learn to put the food in her mouth. (um, noooo, I think I learned that habit a little too well already, in fact....)

2. Janna needs all her wit and common sense to solve the mystery of the child's disappearance (Or I could just, you know, let him go missing.)

3. You aren’t thinking about what Janna needs, you’re thinking about what you want out of her suffering. She’s not a diamond mine (That's right! Everyone should meditate on all my suffering... and I should probably admit right now that I don't even HAVE any diamonds.)

4. Janna needs to increase her self-help skills in order to increase independence with dressing skills. (My dressing skills are awful. I can make vinaigrette, but that's about it. Ha!)

5. Janna needs to learn the uppercut punch. (So I can knock out all the people who expect me to make dressing).

6. Janna needs to go. (Ummm.... where exactly did you have in mind? Should I be worried?)

7. Janna needs some love. (Finally, something that reeks of truth!!!)

8. Janna needs to put her tongue away. (Ok... um... where do you suggest I put it?)

9. The last thing Janna needs is this powerful man affecting her in ways her heart cannot allow. (Ah, I could say SO much about this one....)

10. Janna needs a bit more...something. (Can you be more specific?)

11. Janna needs to take that GREASY picture of me off her page OR ELSE!!! (Greasy? What, were you bathing in my vinaigrette again?)

12. Janna needs to be heard so SHE will be the countess and MUNDEE will be pageboy. (But I thought we agreed that this time I could be the naughty schoolgirl and you could be the curious math tutor...)

13. Janna needs to schedule surgery (Yikes! For what? I didn't swallow the lemon zester on purpose, I swear!)

14. Janna needs a record deal. (Yes! YES! I agree completely! Just let me write the music first, ok?)

15. Ms. Janna needs one good night of sleep.... (Truer words were never spoken.)


Janna said...

To funny!

There aren't many Janna's in the world....

Janna said...

Janna: (How cool! It's like I'm writing to myself!) I agree! We're rare and special, which is why people should start giving us money and chocolate. And tacos.

Morgiana Le Fey said...

That's fuh-larious...I'm gonna do this...I wonder how many Morgian's with an "i" there are out there...

Janna said...

Morgian: "Fuh-larious"... OOooh! I just learned a new word!!

whall said...

Ok, *this* is one meme I might actually do.

I need to determine first which name to use. I can use "Wayne," the name most of the world actually knows me as, but would give way too many results and therefore wouldn't be that tailored to me.

I could use 'Jeremy,' my first name. It's a lot less common, like me.

Or I could use 'whall' my online name and I probably would actually get hits just for me.

Marilyn said...

Okay. I'm doing this. It'll be almost like having some real content on my blog.

Janna said...

Whall: I recommend using "Wayne". That's what your readers think of you as. Plus, the large number of results would be a BONUS because you could pick through the large selection and choose the ones you liked the best.

Marilyn: You always have real content!

Mo said...

Janna is not a diamond mine.

I wonder if the creator of this "needs" meme knows how freakin' popular it is. Even us meme-procrasinators found fun in this one! (I had so much fun I did it twice in one day - Daffers says "hey" by the way)

Janna said...

Morgen: I agree, it's more fun than some other memes I've done! :)

Travis said...

Hmmmmm...but you don't say anything about you dressing skills with respect to clothing.


Janna said...

Travis: Clothes are overrated. Especially during hot summers.