Friday, August 29, 2008

Note to self: Use drive-up window next time

There once was a woman who drank
Loads of tea from a 10-gallon tank
It was scary to see
Just how much she would pee
As she stood there in line at the bank


Marilyn said...

Wow. That was just lovely. Why can't we have a limerick writer for poet laureate?

XUP said...

Truly beautiful. I second the poet laureate motion.

whall said...

There once was a blogger named Janna.
When I followed her home, she just ranna.
She ran left and right
All day and all night
I just wanna say, "I'm a fanna!"

Janna said...

Marilyn: Maybe you could start a petition!

Xup: Add your name to the petition!

Whall: Couldn't find anything to rhyme with "stalker", huh? :)

Mo said...

The line at our bank was outrageous yesterday. Computers were down, the new trainee teller was frazzled, and they had two people at lunch during the lunch hour on a Friday of a holiday weekend. Not that I don't want bank tellers to eat lunch too, but I just think it was terrible planning on their part.
At least I hadn't imbibed a gallon of tea!

Janna said...

Morgen: You could have peed in a nearby potted plant and told everyone you were making a deposit...