Thursday, August 28, 2008

Luckily I can still drink it while blogging

As you know if you've been reading Jantrails (here and here and here), I've gotten hooked on iced tea lately. Specifically, sweet iced tea.
I drink it every day.
I find it delicious, plus I'm convinced that even in its sweetened form, it's still MUCH better for me than soda.
There are some activities that are incompatible with the simultaneous consumption of iced tea.
Activities such as the following:

1) Skydiving
2) Water-skiing
3) Somersaults
4) Firing automatic weapons
5) Shark cage diving
6) Yodeling
7) Flying a fighter jet
8) Falling into a volcano
9) Ballet dancing
10) Open heart surgery
11) Alligator wrestling
12) Playing banjo while singing gospel
13) Suffocating in outer space

Therefore, I have vowed to completely avoid all of these activities for the foreseeable future.
I think it'll be worth it.


Bear said...

Good list, except one point is a little unclear... number 10, is that whilst doing or receiving?

I like to get these things right because it could mean the difference between life and sweet tea up your nose.


Desert Songbird said...

Oh, I dunno. I think you oughta try yodeling while drinking tea. Or vodka, for that matter.

Janna said...

Bear: I guess it could be either doing OR receiving... though it's a lot more challenging to drink tea whilst under anesthesia.

DesertSongbird: Yodeling while drinking is also known as "gargling". Neither is something anyone in their right mind wants to listen to. :)

Anonymous said...

You totally crack me up - all the time, every time. (I've moved on to light lemonade myself)

Dr Zibbs said...

You forgot crying while leaning on a banana. Which reminds me, why, in your avatar are you crying on a banana?

Anonymous said...

I don't know, if you hooked up some sweet iced tea to in IV you could do a few of those things on your list, including receiving open heart surgery...wait, you could DO open heart surgery too...and you could sky dive with an IV of sweet tea tucked in your jumper...hmmmm....that gives me an idea :)

Janna said...

BroadwayMatron: My mom loves light lemonade. I usually avoid it because I don't like the taste of artificial sweetener. (P.S. I'm glad I crack you up. :)

DrZibbs: Because unrequited banana love is a very sad thing.

Kyle/Keyguy13: With my luck, I'd accidentally pull out the IV instead of pulling the rip cord to my parachute.

Marilyn said...

What you really need is a camelback. With one of those you could ski, sky dive, alligator wrestle or fall into a volcano while drinking tea. Singing and yodeling would still be out of the question though.

Deb on the Rocks said...

Sweet tea will cure many a disease, so you probably won't need open heart surgery. It's Southern penicillin.

However, you can, and in fact should, drink tea while playing banjo and singing gospel. Gotta stay hydrated.

Janna said...

Deb: If I ever woke up and found myself a gospel banjoist, I would be seriously tempted to just let myself die of dehydration.

Janna said...

Marilyn: A camelback? What in the... are you going to make me Google that?

Mo said...

Which is better to have:
camel back or
camel toe?

Janna said...

Morgen: Well, at least I know what a camel toe is... Still not sure about camel backs. For some reason I'm thinking it's a type of caramel cookie covered in chocolate, though I could be wrong. Especially since I still seem to be too lazy to Google it.

Your Pal Pinki said...

I love Iced Tea so much! I usually brew my own in my Mr. Coffee Iced Tea maker but we do like the Arizona brand as well as the sweet tea now served at McDonalds and Wendys. We don't eat McDonalds food, but it's convenient to pop through the drive thru in 100 degree heat and pick up a sweet tea. MMMMMMM refreshing!

whall said...

You forgot

14) Eating spinach

Janna said...

Pinki: For some reason I keep cracking up at the idea of a Mr. COFFEE iced TEA maker. :)

Whall: That too!