Friday, July 25, 2008

At least this means I am delicious

One of the many things I hate about summer is the mosquitoes. I live out in the country, near a river and a forest which can get pretty swampy sometimes. So with all the moisture, mosquitoes can get pretty bad.
Last Saturday night they were worse than ever.
There were dozens of them in my bedroom.
I killed at least ten, but there were still plenty left, waiting for me to fall asleep so they could safely feast on my blood.
Sure enough, when I woke up, I was covered in mosquito bites.
I made a trip to the store that afternoon, and bought some insect repellent coated towlettes. Before going to bed that night, I gave myself a complete wipe-down.
Of course, the mosquitoes had already gotten their fill the night before, so by then it was kind of a moot point.
Sort of like letting someone gorge themselves on cake until they're so full they couldn't eat another bite, and THEN taking the cake away from them and telling them they can't have any more.

(My cats, of course, are referring to THIS post, where I was caught sitting in my car, talking to my beverages.)


Marilyn said...

Wow... all the comforts of the wilderness in your very own home!

My great grandmother firmly believed in garlic pills but I never remember that until after I get back home, so I don't have the foggiest idea if it works. Another trick I don't know about the effectiveness of is to put a saucer of vinigar on the night stand. Have no idea where that one came from.

whall said...

The line about the iced tea made me, um, I believe "LOL" is the right term?

Your artwork is infectious, making me come back for more.

Kind of like the scratching of a mosquito bite.

Maddy said...

I certainly enjoy the way all 'participants' think.

Maddy said...

So how did you manage to personalise your twitter - very impressive!

feefifoto said...

I take consolation in this: once the mosquitoes who've come inside the house as I try to persuade the dog to come in have finished biting me, they'll have no place to lay their eggs and will perish unfulfilled, as long as I clear all the water-filled dishes out of the sink.

Janna said...

Marilyn: My grandmother used to recommend garlic pills too! I took them when I was a kid, but I still got bitten by mosquitoes anyway.

Whall: Yay! I'm infectious! Maybe more people will read my blog now! :)

Maddy: Participants? Of what?

Maddy: There's a widget you can download from the Twitter site. Then when you put the HTML in the sidebar, you just put text above it.

Feefifoto: What about the toilet? Hurry! Flush often!

Evil Genius said...

It's weird how some people seem to be mosquito magnets and others almost never get bit. I'm one of the ones that must be a tasty treat for them, and so was my dad. But my hubby almost never gets stung.

Guess that just proves how sweet we are. :-)

Janna said...

EvilGenius: If only I tasted like poison! (At least that would explain why I haven't had a date in 13 years....)