Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hello? Is this thing on?

On Sunday, I drove into town to buy a few things at the store. One of the things I got was a bottle of Lipton tea. It looked so refreshing, sitting there in the cooler, ice cold.
Once I got out to the car, I sat there for a moment with the AC on. I took the bottle of tea out of the grocery bag and held it against the side of my face. so cold.

"Aaahhh. Very nice," I sighed in relief, cursing summer once again.

Then I realized other cars were driving by, and the drivers could see me. It dawned on me that I was holding the bottle of tea similar to a telephone, and people were probably wondering what I was saying and who I was trying to reach.



Meloncutter said...

I tried to catch a plane to the concert. But Bobs Crop Dusting Service had closed for the day.

It is OK to make other drivers think you are crazy. They tend not to tailgate crazy people.

At least I don't.

Later Y'all.

Avitable said...

I usually call my mom on my ice tea bottle.

Anonymous said...

I would have figured you were calling Lipton to order a refill.

mixednut said...

Have you ever tried with a banana?

Janna said...

Meloncutter: I wonder why we don't have crop dusting here in Michigan. ...or DO we...? You'd think that's something I'd notice...

Avitable: Local or long distance? Do you get caller I.D.?

Peggy: I wish they delivered!

Mixednut: Surprisingly, yes! In my profile picture I was trying to reach Jimmy Hoffa. He NEVER picks up the phone these days.

Travis said...

You were just doing your Agent 99 impression.

Janna said...

Travis: Ah! Yes! That was it!

Mo said...

Peggy thought you should call Lipton, and Peggy Lipton was on Twin Peaks, and I could see a character on Twin Peaks making a call on their Lipton tea bottle.

Now I want some damn fine cherry pie.

Janna said...

Morgen: I never watched Twin Peaks... I vaguely remember sort of liking the music, though.... wasn't the title something like "Laura's Theme"...?