Sunday, April 13, 2008

Where is all the COOL stuff?

Why can't we mass-produce cars that run on water, so when it rains, all we have to do is drive around with giant funnels sticking out of our fuel tanks? We could make the cars super-efficient so they could go 50 miles per tablespoon. There should be a urine filter attachment (complete with ladies' adapter).
We could also equip them with an optional time machine feature that plugs into the cigarette lighter, so we could travel back five minutes into the past and make ourselves NOT lock the keys in the car.

Of course, if it was plugged into the cigarette lighter, we wouldn't be able to get to it if we were locked out of the car.


Travis said...

Now that time travel feature could actually come in handy. Maybe not for the car keys thing, but if you could travel back in time and your car ran on rainwater, then you could fill up your tank and a bunch of spares with the same storm.


Mo said...

I like your methane-powered car better... I mean, just one trip to Taco Bell and you could go cross-country!

JB said...

let's hope somebody pretty smart listens to this.

Janna said...

Travis: Excellent. I like it. The planet would curl up and die from drought because our cars would keep slurping up all the precipitation, but at least we wouldn't be paying $3.50 per gallon. Rumor has it, it may even get up to $4.00 soon. Someone, please invent this car.

Morgen: Instead of an oil change, I could just keep cans of refried beans in the trunk.

JB: Here's hoping!