Monday, April 14, 2008

Frame Not Included

MM-bluetextBudding entrepreneur that I am, I have decided to offer all of you an exciting opportunity. For the low, low price of $5.50 (US), you can have an autographed square of an old pair of my underwear. (Suitable for framing!)
The square will be approximately 3 inches, made of very soft, well-worn cotton. It will probably be white, though one or two of them may be pastel colors. I will gladly personalize it for you! Just let me know what you want yours to say!

Years/Months/Weeks from now, when I am (pick one) (A) famous, (B) dead, (C) in prison, (D) insane, (E) all of the above, you will be able to say you have a piece of Janna memorabilia hidden away in your freezer/pants/scrapbook/birdcage.
Free bonuses:
The underwear will actually be washed before autographing!
Upon request, I will also wear the square in my bra for a whole day before sending it to you.

Act now!
$5.50 (US). Free shipping to all U.S. addresses!
Here are the payment options and the ways to reach me.

Order as many squares as you want!
Offer ends as soon as I have no old underwear left.

Any questions?
E-mail me.
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Travis said...

While I applaud your entrepreneurial spirit, I must respectfully decline your most generous sales offer.

Happy MM!

Marilyn said...

Good luck. I wonder if my socks would sell. I have a lot of worn out socks.

Janna said...

Travis: Awwww! I was hoping you would be one of my satisfied customers. And repeat customers. And maybe a stalker or something.

Marilyn: Maybe we could team up and make gift baskets!

Gattina said...

Don't you have that in black with laces and framed ?? Otherwise I am NOT interested, it wouldn't fit in my living room,lol !

Mr. Fabulous said...

I could never do this, as I rarely wear underwear.

Meloncutter said...

Would you consider a trade? I have lots of old undies. My banners you sent are on my other computer's external hard drive. I should get it up an running this week. I am trying to to put too much of my stuff on this computer as it is borrowed.

Watch for it later in the week.

Later Y'all.

crazy working mom said...

hah! You crack me up, girlfriend! :)

Happy Manic Monday.

the teach said...

Janna, can you print out a message on your underwear from the computer or print out a message from the computer on your underwear? Because I want my message in 12 pt Lucida Bright font. Let me know...

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Bwahahahahahaha. I just love your sense of humor. Bwahahahahaha. Have a great MM. :)

Alice - I Was Born2Cree8 said...

What a wonderful business idea! These will make great gifts for some of my friends. I will order a dozen of them... just as soon as I free up some cash. I have to sell my bridge then I'll have loads of money to buy them with. Or maybe my ocean front property will sell, just north of Tuson, it's really very beautiful. I'll be in touch.


Reba @ Reba's Run said...

Whoof! Maybe I should sell some o' my chewed up dog bones. Cool idea. Happy Manic Monday. Bark.

Janna said...

Gattina: Sorry, I have no black underwear... though I WOULD like to own some. Maybe one of these days when I'm no longer below poverty level.

Fab: Does that somehow preclude you from being able to purchase squares of OTHER people's underwear?...?

Meloncutter: You could use your old underwear to polish fruits and vegetables in the produce section... just don't do it when anyone else is watching.

CWM: I'm glad I crack you up. :)

Teach: Sadly, my underwear is not printer-compliant.

Sandee: So, how many squares can I put you down for, then?

Alice: I sense sarcasm.... no, wait... yes, definitely sarcasm. Hmmmm...

Reba: Good luck! Woof.

Shelli said...

Um, no thank you.

Pand0ra Wilde said...

You might get more for them if you don't... oh hell no I'm not gonna be the one to say it! Nope. Bad enough I'm thinking it.

Janna said...

Shelli: Why not?

Pand0ra: If I don't WASH them, you mean? Yeahhhh, I wondered about that too....

Shelli said...

Because, I don't even like to handle my own underwear.

Lynda said...

You are only cutting out squares so you can keep wearing the underwear, right?

Janna said...

Shelli: You wouldn't HAVE to handle this if you didn't want to. After autographing this underwear square, I could enclose it neatly in a ziploc baggie for you. No additional charge!

Lynda: LOL! No, actually, this is underwear that would probably just get thrown out otherwise... so it's a shame to see it go to waste.

Mo said...

Okay - where did my comment go?
See - my comment on your two posts since this one are still there -- did the one I left here get lost in your underwear drawer?

Janna said...

Morgen: Blogger seems to have eaten your first comment! I didn't even get it in my e-mail notifications. Crap! I'll presume that you placed an order, though. Your squares will arrive in the mail shortly, and I'll send you the bill.