Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What next???

This has been a pretty lousy week so far!
Lemme explain.

(1) Monday afternoon, around 4:30, half the outlets in my house suddenly died. I was on the computer when suddenly, **poof**, it shut off.
I discovered that none of the outlets in the living room were working, and none of the outlets in my kitchenside nook were working either.
Now, I've always had trouble with the outlet in the kitchenside nook. That's a whole other story. But this is the first time the outage has completely, permanently affected such a large area. Because of my previous electrical problems, I'm inclined to believe this isn't something as simple as just "blowing a fuse."
I'm still trying to find someone who can help me figure out what the problem is.
I hear that electricians are expensive, but I may have no other choice.
The only reason I'm able to use my computer right now is because I went out and got one of those heavy-duty 14-gauge orange power cords, and plugged my computer's surge protector into that, then ran the cord off into another room where the power DOES work. It will work as a temporary solution until I can get my wiring fixed.

(2) These past couple weeks, I'd been waiting for some important test results, and it appears that the results were not what I hoped they would be. More difficulty lies ahead. I am not looking forward to this.

(3) Tuesday night, after band, I slipped and fell on the snowy sidewalk. I didn't break anything, but it still left me kind of sore. There were two people who saw it happen, and they waited to see if I was ok. I told them I was all right, and they walked away. The thing is, I still had trouble getting up. (I don't get around so well these days). Coulda used some help. But I ended up having to push myself up alone, using my french horn case for stability. Very embarrassing.

(4) Wednesday, I had an all-day migraine, and got absolutely nothing accomplished. All I could do was lay down for about 10 hours until it went away, getting up occasionally to barf.

When I felt better, I got up and drove into town, where I got the new orange power cord I'm using. That's why I haven't been online since Monday afternoon; I didn't have the power cord until today.

I am afraid to find out what Thursday holds.


forgetfulone said...

I hope things start looking up for you soon. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Cincy Diva said...

Bad week indeed. I hope the weekend is better.
I feel your pain on the ice slippage. I once slipped on some ice and could not get up without crawling to the edge of it. In the meantime, someone driving by called the police and told them that a drunk had fallen and was crawling around in the CVS parking lot! Feel better soon!

Tug said...

I hope that things go all right with whatever the test results were, and that your soreness goes away quickly. You really should have an electrician look at your house Janna - bad wiring can burn the place down!

Mo said...

1. Maybe when the electrician shows up, you should "blow" him to get things all juiced up!
2. Damn. Sorry.
3. They didn't help you up? Were they Christian Scientists or what???
4. Wish I had a cure for your migraines!!! Thank goodness for orange power cords!
(oh, and I'm glad you're back to blogging - I was worried!)

amisare waswerebeen said...

Wow. I really hope things pick up for you. Let us know if those test result will require some prayers from others. At least we can do that for you since we're not there to pick you up off the ground.

Kyra Sutra said...

Your week has sucked pretty bad. I cetainly hope that these test results are showing something godawful with your health. Now I'm going to worry!

Michael C said...

Hang in there. it does sound like a rough week. I had the have-house electricity paralysis thing happen to me and it was one wire that had wiggled loose from an outlet upstairs that I never use. Sorry about the medical stuff too. I hope it all gets better!

Janna said...

ForgetfulOne: And thank you for visiting mine!

CincyDiva: Wow! :) It would have been funny if they thought I came to band drunk. Would have explained some of my wrong notes. :)

Tug: If I could afford to, I'd have gotten this looked at much sooner!

Morgen: That would make a good pick-up line. "Pssst, hey, buddy, can I blow your circuit breaker?"

Amisare: Somehow I don't know if God listens to prayers about me, so I dunno if it would do any good!

Kyra: Oh, there's plenty wrong with my health, but don't worry. The test I mentioned is not health related. I hope to eventually be able to blog about it, at some point in the future. Sorry to have to be so cryptic at this point.

MichaelC: If we were Amish, none of this would have ever happened. You realize that, right?

Tenacious B said...

I vote for a do-over

Sans Pantaloons said...

Are any of your circuit breakers tripped? If yes, unplug all the appliances that are plugged into the sockets that don't work, and then try to restore the circuit breaker. If it restores okay, then possibly an appliance is faulty. If it does not restore(it will trip again instantly) then any fault may be in the wiring. If you are uncomfortable doing this then please do not, and defer to an electrician. If none of your circuit breakers are tripped, then a wiring fault seems likely.
Please email me if you wish.

Teri said...

Sans Pantaloons is ALL knowing. I would listen to him if I were you.

Get better both physically and mentally. I hate when a bunch of shit happens all at once.

Travis said...

I'm sorry about the test results. It's not easy, but since it's going to be what it is your best to stay positive as you go forward and deal with it.

Just try to focus on each small thing one at a time if you can. It helps you keep from feeling too overwhelmed.

Janna said...

TenaciousB: Me too!!! Who do I see about that?

Sans: Thank you for taking the time to type all that out! I will try really hard to understand it, despite my two X chromosomes.

Teri: Physically, I dunno if things will get better. Mentally, I hope to remain my same crazy self. Also, I really like barbecued chicken.

Travis: Too late! I am already overwhelmed! Can I come stay with you for a few days? I'll help out by scooping Mr. Tucker's litter box and eating all the ice cream in your freezer. Not necessarily in that order.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Gosh, how did you ever think of such a cool solution.

Travis said...

HA! There is no ice cream in my freezer...just thin mint cookies!

Janna said...

Mr. Fab: I didn't. YOU did! Thank you, by the way. Mwah!

Travis: Oooooh, I LOVE those!

Marilyn said...

I think by offering up the thin mints, he was saying it would be cool for you to stay there. Let me know the address and I'll ship some ice cream that way. What kind do you want? Which trucks stay colder UPS or USPS?

Janna said...

Marilyn: Somehow I imagine UPS is colder, though I have no real evidence other than my imagination.