Monday, February 18, 2008

Manic Monday: Two

I have a lot on my mind today. I'm waiting for some important test results, and the concept of "humor" feels a little foreign to me.
You realize, of course, this means all I have left is the "strange" factor.

Today's theme is "two."
We have two eyes.
Well, most of us do, anyway.
So I made two pictures, just for the occasion.

If you'd rather see something more traditional, you can go to Jantrails, where I rant about typos.
And then, over at Jantics, I... well, I clearly have nothing useful to say. But go ahead and visit anyway.


Gattina said...

Wow that looks terrific ! I wouldn't like them on my wall, I would feel "observed", lol !

Travis said...

Those are a little unsettling, but in a good way. Nicely done!

Linda said...

Hmmm ... interesting yet a little creepy at the same time!

Cheerio said...

That was a good job there. Like gattina, I wouldn't want them on my wall too. Looks like you're being watched.

TopChamp said...

I think your second one in particular is stunning.

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

Those are awesome. Thinking of you today and hoping it all comes out right.

Jamie said...

Hmmm if eyes are the mirrors of the soul, there's something really interesting going on there.

Good luck with the tests whatever they may be for.

Janna said...

Gattina: It's like having a two-dimensional stalker!

Travis: I kinda hope my entire blog qualifies as "unsettling but in a good way".

Linda: Good! That's what I was going for!

Cheerio: For extra creepiness, put them in the bathroom!

Topchamp: That's my favorite too.

Nancy: Thank you!

Jamie: I was about to make some witty comment about my blog being Windex for the mirrors of the soul, but then my mind went blank. Sorry about that.

Villager said...

Great MM Post! You are very creative photoshop person...

I struggled with this week's MM meme. Come visit if you have time or inclination.

peace, Villager

Janna said...

Villager: I just visited! Thanks!

The Flying Monkeys said...

very creative!

Hi this is Chuck Woolery from the dating game, and we'll be back in two and two!

Come check out my blog in 2's.

Happy Monday 2 you

Mo said...

You KNOW your eye pictures creep me out...

Thanks for featuring It’s A Blog Eat Blog World in your Entrecard today!
Hope your Monday's not toooo Manic!

whall said...

Looks good.

Wait, I mean - sees good.

Wait, I mean - sees well.

Wait, I mean - sees whale!

Wait, I mean - seize whale!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

What Travis and Mo said. A bit creepy, but I'm sure it took a lot of know-how to do. Have a great MM. :)

onangelwings said...

Beautiful and artsy, nothing wrong with that.

Shelia said...

The first one is kinda spooky, but I like the second one.

Happy MM!

Corina said...

Nice job. I like the first one best. The second one reminds me of fingernails, long ones!

A great TWO entry.

the teach said...

Very, very weird! Good luck on the test results!

the teach said...

"Are you Normal?" Talk about it here

Pand0ra Wilde said...

Pretty! But just slightly creepy too. In a cool way though.

Also-I sent you email. Did you get it?

Marilyn said...

Are those your lashes?

I hope the tests come out okay.

Janna said...

Monkeys: Thanks! :)

Morgen: I love it when my eye pictures creep you out. :)

Whall: Or, "Seize WHALL!"

Sandee: Creepy is good!

Onangelwings: I'm glad! :)

Sheila: Spooky is good too! :)

Corina: Glad you liked it! Thanks!

TheTeach: I love being weird.

Pand0ra: I got an e-mail about there being evergreen soap but no candles. Is that the one you meant?

Marilyn: I wish those were my lashes!