Saturday, January 12, 2008

Snippets of life

Thursday I was in a restaurant and there was a TV up on the wall which was reporting the news that Sir Edmund Hilary had died.
I heard the people at the table next to me:
"Sir Edmund Hilary? Who's THAT?"
"I dunno, but he sounds important!"

What's ironic is that if they had just kept listening to the broadcast, it fully explained who he was. All their questions would have been answered, but they ignored it, choosing instead to talk about how clueless they were.

I fought the urge to lean over and explain things to them, but somehow I doubted that my input would have been welcome. That whole "eavesdropping" thing is generally frowned upon, I suppose.

And I didn't want to get my ass kicked.

Instead I mentally filed away the moral of the story: You can usually learn a lot more by listening than by talking.

I guess another moral could be "Don't talk when Janna is trying to listen to the news." But that wouldn't look nearly as good on a fortune cookie.


Amazing Gracie said...

The blessings of public ed. I'm sure my kids wouldn't have a clue, either, and they're all older than you - except for one.
Feel any better?

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

a wise old man once said to me if you are talking you are not learning. i didn't learn it though... ha ha ha

smiles, bee

Julie said...

So true Janna! So true. Kinda like people yapping and yapping when the announcements are being given in church. Makes me want to jump up and tell people to shut up this isn't a train station!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mo said...

someone once said to me, listen with your ears, not your mouth.

when I die, will you write a witty little post about people asking "Who's THAT?"

golfwidow said...

Arthur Dent: "It's times like this, when we're about to get thrown from an alien spaceship into open space, that I wish I'd listened to what my mother told me."
Ford Prefect: "What was that?"
Arthur Dent: "I don't know. I didn't listen."

Janna said...

Gracie: Slightly! Thank you! :)

Bee: Does this "wise man" have a blog, by any chance? :)

Julie: I agree completely!

Morgen: Will you do the same thing for me if I die first?

Golfwidow: I LOVE THAT BOOK!!! :)

Travis said...

Geeez. I completely missed the news that Sir Edmund Hilary had died. I did know that he was the first to climb Mt Everest.

Those people probably didn't know who is was because he was famous for actually doing something.

Lynda said...

I got a fortune cookie that said, "Don't talk while Janna is listening to the news."


Janna said...

Travis: LOL! True!

Lynda: I know. I slipped it onto your table while you weren't looking.