Saturday, January 12, 2008


I went out to dinner with some friends today, and while one of them was getting her money out of her wallet, I noticed her driver's license.
"Hmmm," I thought to myself, "I wonder when my license expires."
So, just for fun, I took my driver's license out of my wallet...

And saw that it had expired on my birthday...

Back in 2007.

Kinda missed that, didn't I?
So, um, first thing Monday morning, I'm going over to get it renewed.

Please don't tell the cops.


Teri said...


I'd forget my registration expiration as well, except that that sticker on the window reminds me all the time.

I hope you don't get pulled over and frisked because of, wait, I hope you get pulled over and frisked because of a hot policeman, too.

Mr. Fabulous said...

You are such a rebel!

Janna said...

Teri: A hot policeman who WON'T write me a ticket for driving on a suspended license, hopefully.

Mr. Fab: If, by "rebel," you mean "forgetful person who did something stupid," then YES. Yes I am.

Tug said...

HAPPY belated Janna!! Had fam in town, so I'm just cathing up. If it makes you feel any better, I spent time with a kazillion kids watching Playhouse Disney LIVE!...and you didn't have to.

Happy Birthday. ;-)

Tug said...

or catching up. shit - that doesn't even look right.

happy 2008.

Shelia said...

HA! That just goes to prove that you're a good driver!

DutchBitch said...

Well, as long as your car is still snowed in that doesn't really matter, does it?

hellohahanarf said...

damn, you are a lucky woman...i would have been in jail long before now.

bet you are now understanding of paris and britney and all of those other hollywood losers who say they didn't know they didn't have a valid license...hehe

Desert Songbird said...


Janna said...

Tug: Thanks for catching up on my exploits!

Sheila: I hope!

Dutchy: No, all the snow melted!

Hello: Accgghh!! Don't say JAIL, you're making me nervous!!

Songbird: Yup!

Travis said...

It's a good think you looked.

Mimi Lenox said...

Oops Janna.

Square1 said...

haha! Well it speaks volumes about how well you drive that you did not get pulled over in that amount of time. Kudos to you!

Julie said...

Oh my! I know how you feel...but check this out: Got pulled over for speeding on the way to my accountants with my dad. Busted for expired license and No registration. (Ex husband wouldn't give it too me cause he wanted that car in the settlement.) Cool dad said we should have thrown off our seatbelts and opened a 6 pack! Instead the cop insisted my dad drive...ugh he never went over 40 mph! What torture!

Lynda said...

haha! Mine expires this year. I better not forget!

Mo said...

mine expires this year
I think in Michigan, if you let it expire you have to re-take the test.

Janna said...

Travis: I know!

Mimi: I know!

Square1: I'm still amazed!

Julie: Ugh! So you got a ticket, then?

Lynda: Remember!!

Morgen: Nope, I didn't end up having to re-take the test at all!