Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ouch again

I was sick in bed for most of Wednesday.
It was a carbon copy of last Wednesday. All-day migraine, with plenty of barfing.
I hate these things.
It still hasn't gone away completely, but it's subsided enough for me to get online and check my e-mail, respond to comments, etc.
Since I hate it when migraines STICK AROUND for an entire day, my Thursday Thirteen list is going to be thirteen sentences that include the word "stick".
I'll post it in just a moment....


Desert Songbird said...

I hope you got your e-mail problems resolved.

Pand0ra Wilde said...

Dang, I'm sorry to hear you've got such problems with migraines. I get them too but I can break most of them with a combination of lavender essential oil and peppermint essential oil that I mix up. Works about 90% of the time for me.

Janna said...

Songbird: Me too!!

Pand0ra: I wish I could find something like that, that worked for me.

Antelope said...

I used to get ones that lasted three days, and Imitrex plus Tylenol PM and a very dark bath were all that came close to working. Or drowning, either one was fine with me.

Janna said...

Antelope: The weird thing is that Imitrex would never work for me, but all the other migraine medicines would. I was fine with Zomig, Frova, Relpax, etc. But not Imitrex. I wonder what the difference is?