Sunday, January 27, 2008

Is anyone there?

Seems like I haven't gotten many visitors lately.
This is depressing in some ways, and liberating in others.
On one hand, nobody loves me, and I am one day closer to death.
But on the other hand, the pressure's off! I can do anything and only about four people will notice!
Stay tuned for my next post, where I will be copying names out of the phone book. Backwards. And naked.

12 comments: said...

Everybody but me is preparing for the asteroid strike this evening.
Have a nice day.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

hell-OOOO!!! you in here?

smiles, bee

Deb said...

I'm there.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Sometimes people come but they just don't comment. Weekends are always slow.

Mo said...

Well, I see that you signed up for Entrecard. That should be getting you some new hits.
Go Entrecard surfing, leaving your calling card lots of places - I've been getting some reciprocal hits from doing that! Plus, you earn lots of points for dropping your card so you can then advertise on my Entrecard!

Amanda said...

Will this be a video post?

Janna said...

GoingLikeSixty: Silly people. It's pretty pointless to prepare for something like that, isn't it?

Bee: I'm here! I'm here!

Deb: I'm glad!

Mr. Fab: Especially when there's an asteroid about to strike and kill us all.

Morgen: You don't have any slots left! I checked!

Amanda: If I did that, all my readers would go blind. That would be a shame.

Gwenhwyfar said...

Sorry, I linked you from my site. That may have turned people off. My bad.

Meloncutter said...

Hay Y'all.

Later Y'all.

Fall Whispers said...

Janna :) I've started up blogging up again so i[ll pop in if that is ok with you :)

today is my 42nd birthday so i'm off to celebrate! woo!

Hope your day is a wonderful one!!!

Travis said...

Would it help if I visited twice a day and brought my cats with me?

Janna said...

Gwen: Wow! Thank you!

Meloncutter: Thanks, y'all.

Fall: Welcome back!!

Travis: Yes! That would help a lot!