Thursday, December 27, 2007

Things That Would Be Fun To Write On A Bald Guy's Head While He Was Sedated:

1) "Boobs or oxygen... Don't make me choose!"
2) "Rabid ferrets make delicious hors douvres!"
3) "Help! I Can't find my pancreas!"
4) "I think I have to pee."
5) "Oranges are WAY overrated.... especially when you get one stuck in your ass."


Square1 said...

LOL! What more is there to say than that... And I'm sure you had one particularly fabulous bald guy in mind for this, right?

Mr. Fabulous said...

Don't even think about it.

Mo said...

How about, "Bunnies! It must be Bunnies!... or maybe Midgets!"

Robin said...

Or you could label this "Ideas of what to write on Mr. Fab's head when he gets so drunk off of Mai Tai's he passes out cold."

whall said...


"This space for rent (Janna forgot to pay last month)"

"Solar panel for creep"

"I'm just pretending to be asleep"

Lynda said...

I got the tranquilizer gun. Did you get the tickets to Florida?

Janna said...

Square1: Perhaps..... heh heh heh.... [evil grin]

Mr. Fab: Sleep with one eye open, buddy.

Morgen: Now I'm confused.

Robin: Po-tay-to, Po-TAH-to.

Whall: Nice!

Lynda: We'll be there Sunday morning. Start packing.

Lynda said...

Alright! Don't forget the can of talcum powder. It's guarenteed to work.

Square1 said...

I have chewable valium. It's standard issue to moms.

Janna said...

Lynda: Talcum powder? Really?

Square1: Excellent! Is it for YOU to chew, or for the KIDS to chew? Or both? Or whoever gets to it first?

Travis said...

#5 is just wrong.

Wayne said...

You do have a very twisted mind!
You need to get out more! ;-)

Janna said...

Travis: Hee hee!! :)

Wayne: If I got out more, no bald guy would be safe.