Monday, November 12, 2007

Manic Monday: Gravy

The Secret Meaning Of Gravy
(and why it remains a secret)

Once upon a time there was a boy named Phil. He loved gravy and wanted to know more about its true meaning. So he packed a suitcase, snuck out one night when his parents weren't watching, and journeyed to the great Mashed Potato Mountain. He planned to meet with the Great Gravy Guru who lived at the very top.
"Boy, this mountain sure is a bitch to climb," said Phil, as his feet kept sinking in and getting stuck.
Twelve minutes later he disappeared into the big white fluffy mass and was never heard from again.
Because, after all, only an idiot would try to climb a mountain of mashed potatoes.

The End.

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Amanda said...

I guess if I have to die, death by mashed potatoes isn't a bad way to go... mmm

Deb said...

Nice Monday post! With Thanksgiving coming up, all I can say is I am not looking forward to the gravy, again! Tomorrow is MASSIVE laundry day, I need it bad! Come by my blog if you can!

Janna said...

Amanda: It stops being fun when it gets stuck in your lungs.

Deb: Wow, that's the exact same comment you left on my other blog! LOL!

Jamie said...

As usual thank you for the fascinating trip to that place known as your brain. :-)

Wayne said...

"death by mashed potatoes"

tegdirb92 said...

so that's what that crunchy thing I ate that was stuck in my mashed potatoes!! You're right, it would have been much better topped with some gravy.

Mo said...

I would just have to eat my way out.

Can I get that saying on a t-shirt?

Janna said...

Jamie: It's a fascinating trip. My regular readers have frequent flyer miles there.

Wayne: Watch out for the lumps.

Tegdirb92: The crunchy thing was probably a bit of Phil's ankle.

Morgen: Or a bumper sticker, or a keychain, or a calendar....

maryt said...

LOL! Janna. Great joke! And that's what Thanksgiving is all about!

Happy MM! Come visit me at Answers to the Questions

Janna said...

Maryt: Thanksgiving is all about a great joke? Wow... I never knew...

Natalie said...

What a sad story. I wonder how many he joined in that starchy mound?

Cowboy the Cat said...

Didn't anyone warn him to wear potato-shoes?

Matt-Man said...

I used to call my last girlfriend "Mashed Potatoes" because she had great lumps. Cheers!!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

What Mo said works for me. Have a great MM. :)

Teri said...

mmmmmmmmm.....mashed potatoes.

I must be an idiot cause I would do it.

you should write children's books.

katherine. said...

all of these posts are making me REALLY hungry.

Travis said...


But one wonders still about the Great Gravy Guru and how he manages to live at the top of Mashed Potato Mountain.

Janna said...

Natalie: Soon people will be writing folk songs about it.

Cowboy: Well, kids like Phil don't always listen like they should.

Matt-man: How romantic.

Comedy+: Maybe he can get a t-shirt for you too!

Teri: Is it ok for me to write children's books when I hate kids?

Katherine: Me too!

Travis: He lives in a magical hovercraft which is powered by the dead souls of all the people who drowned in the mashed potatoes.