Friday, November 16, 2007

Further proof that I am getting old

I got one of those microfiber cloths to clean my glasses. I love it. It works so much better than a tissue or a cotton cloth. I keep it right here next to the computer, so I can clean my glasses whenever the need arises.
I've noticed something, though..
The moment I take off my glasses, I can no longer read what's on the computer screen. My eyes have gotten that bad.
When the heck did this happen?
I still can't believe it.
Glasses on, I can see fine.
Glasses off, I can't read the words on the screen. I have to lean forward and actually squint.
Soon I will need a cane and a seeing-eye dog just to find my way to the keyboard.
That would be a shame, because I'm really not a dog person.


Tug said...

I'm older than you...and I take my glasses OFF to read the computer.


katherine. said...

I keep my little microfiber cloth in my eyeglass case...and I have to lean waaaaaaaay back to read when I take the specs off.

you are no where NEAR old...stfu


Janna said...

Tug: So it eventually comes full circle, in a weird twisted sort of way?

Katherine: I am TOO old. Ask any teenager; they'll gladly tell you that 37 is positively ancient.

Wayne said...

Ohhhh, to be 37 again!
ummm.....isn't that why you have glasses in the first see?
Maybe you should start training a seeing eye kitty?

Mo said...

A seeing eye kitty --- ha!

As for being old, granny janny, yep, just keeps gettin' better all the time...

Tug said...

Weird & twisted seems to be a way of life I'm thinking.


Travis said...

You're not old...your eyes are old. Get a new pair.

Janna said...

Wayne: I wear them to see better, yes, but I still have to take them off occasionally to clean them. Or to pose for pictures where I'm holding a banana against my face.

Morgen: "Granny Janny".... LOL.

Tug: It's the only way to go!

Travis: Somehow I'm still attached to the ones I have...