Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thirteen things I have never said to a police officer

1. So, how many people have you really shot?
2. I bet I could kick your ass in Scrabble.
3. Let's sing a duet! I'll be Sonny, you be Cher!
4. Bite me.
5. So, wait a minute, you're telling me it's WRONG to have dead bodies in the trunk?
6. I don't really do drugs. I just sell them. Unless that's wrong too. In that case, just forget I said anything.
7. Like my air freshener? It's donut scented!
8. Pull my finger.
9. Yes, I'm afraid of you, yet somehow I find that strangely arousing.
10. Can I try on the uniform? Take it off. Right now.
11. So if I had a gun under my seat right now, that would be a BAD thing, right?
12. I morally object to the concept of stop signs.
13. How many boobs do I need to show you before you'll forget I was driving 50 in a 25 zone?
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Green fodder said...

Ha ha ha... Janna, you are too good :)

came across ur blog a few days ago and i am hooked!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Have you ever really ever spoken to a cop about anything?

Janna said...

GreenFodder: Excellent! :)

Mr. Fab: What makes you think I haven't?

katherine. said...

I've only said one of those...but I soooo want a donut scented air freshener..

Misty Dawn said...

These are ABSOLUTELY hilarious! My best friend's brother is cop, and I've said #4 to him more times to count LOL

Matt-Man said...

I was pulled over once and said, "Listen Officer, I am flattered that you pulled me over, but your Gay-Dar is way off." Okay, maybe I didnt actually say that. Cheers!!

Mo said...

Damn, WHY doesn't Krispy Kreme make air fresheners???

Girl, you need to patent that idea quick!

Anonymous said...

I've never said any of those things to a cop either. One other thing I haven't said is, "Do you smell bacon?"

Janna said...

Katherine: They would make great stocking stuffers!

MistyDawn: And I'm sure he appreciates it. :)

Matt-man: You should TOTALLY say that!! LOL! I promise to come visit you in jail. If it's not too far away.

Morgen: I want one that smells like a chocolate glazed donut....

Square1: Congrats on your self-control!

Wayne said...

The only things I've ever said to an officer, is yes sir! no sir,! Really I have!

Mo said...

Wayne, I thought it was "Is that a gun in your holster, sir, or you just happy to see me, sir?"

Travis said...

I've actually said a couple of those, but the cop was a buddy and he was off duty and drunk.

No, I won't tell you which ones I said.

Janna said...

Wayne: Be adventurous! Say something saucy! I'll bring you cookies in jail, I promise!

Morgen: LOL!

Travis: It was the one about Sonny and Cher, wasn't it?