Friday, August 31, 2007

Now I understand

I get a lot of headaches.
I've come to the conclusion that it's all the aliens' fault. Somewhere out there a group of them is trying to adjust their interstellar TV reception so they can watch re-runs of Welcome Back Kotter, and the waves just happen to be traveling through my brain before they make it back. They turn my brain cells into little sharp pointy things that poke each other, which is why my migraines hurt so bad.
And sometimes their reception gets screwed up; instead of Welcome Back Kotter they accidentally catch episodes of American Idol-- which is why sometimes my migraines make me throw up.
So, in order to rid me of migraines forever, the solution is simple.
We need to have an interstellar war.
Thank you in advance.
I really appreciate it.


Marilyn said...

I need just a tad more direction. How do I go about this?

Rion said...

You have an interesting blog. You listed Creative Writing as an interest. If you like to write short fiction, check out my sudden fiction blog, Raincoat Flashers, at

Turnbaby said...

Awwwww sugar--so sorry you missed Taylor's episodes ;-)

Seriously--I hope you get better--they are gnarly creatures.

Juby said...

you left Jason's without giving me a hug :-(

Gonna totally kick some green telepathic ass!

Lets hope that they don't want to watch episodes of Paris Hilton..cause instant death may follow..and that would be bad. Very very bad. lol

Morgen said...

You totally need to read "The Milkman" -- author Ian Healy will be my BlogTalkRadio guest on Sept 19th.
It explains ALL about aliens.
After reading it, you'll REALLY understand!

Lynda said...

I still have that alien in my shoulder. I will tell him to talk to his people. If he isn't dead.

Janna said...

Marilyn: First, we need a really big spaceship equipped with lots of destructive laser beams and a really powerful force field.

Rion: I love the name "Raincoat Flashers." :)

Turnbaby: Very gnarly indeed!

Juby: Unless Paris IS an alien....

Morgen: Now I'm curious!

Lynda: You HAVE been feeding him, haven't you??? And giving him plenty of water? Aliens dehydrate quickly this time of year, you know.

Rion said...

Thanks Janna,
I hope it catches on!

Janna said...

Rion: Good luck! :)