Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I don't expect everyone to agree...

I was at the store awhile ago and happened to be there at the same time as a mom and her VERY poorly-behaved boy. The kid looked like he was maybe 3 or 4, and all he did was CRY. The spoiled bratty "You'd better do exactly what I want or I'm going to make a scene and embarrass you" kind of crying. And whenever he didn't get his way, that's exactly what he did. Loudly. Everyone in the whole store could hear him. His poor, poor mother was just about at the end of her rope.
Seriously, the kid needed a good solid spanking.
But so many parents are afraid to spank their kids in public nowadays because they're worried what other people will think. As if it's somehow considered bad parenting to discipline your child. Things used to be exactly the opposite. You were a bad parent if you allowed your kid to make scenes like that in public.
This kid I saw today, he was really horrible. I would have been ashamed if he'd been mine. He was a rotten little hellion. He really, really needed a spanking.
Bless her heart, "mom" was trying to reason with him, using all that reinforcement psychobabble bullshit about how she wasn't going to reward bad behavior by giving him whatever he wanted. (Which is good advice as far as it goes, but this kid was NOT one you could just reason with. He refused to listen, he refused to behave no matter WHAT his mom said. He was belligerent and, I'll say it again, he needed a spanking!!) I was at least proud of her for not caving in to his little terrorist demands just to make him be quiet. She held her ground. This, of course, only made him continue crying to try to get sympathy from everyone else in the store. Constant crying, loudly, with occasional pauses for breaths. Just to punish mom for not doing exactly what he commanded.
She was so embarrassed, clearly trying to get her shopping done as quickly as possible to just hurry up and get the hell out of there.
Kids like this should be herded up and shipped to islands where there are lots of hungry cannibals. Hey, if you're already over there on the island, just gather up a couple two-year-olds; it'll be the cannibal equivalent of having Cornish game hens for dinner.
I hear they go well with cranberry sauce.


metalmom said...

I duct tape them into a box and wrap them up really pretty. Then I wait til their parents come to get them. I love when they open the box and see just what joy they 've brought into my life! ( and the world) LOL

Desert Songbird said...

I have perfected the Evil Eye and the Stern Voice enough that I don't need to raise a hand to my kids. Only once did I have strike one of my kids; I popped my daughter in the mouth when she said something she shouldn't have. Believe me, she remembers it and watches her words!

Mr. Fabulous said...

I like public spankings. But that's me.

Lee said...

I agree with everything you said. Children cannot be reasoned with as if they were adults. They do not understand abstract concepts. You have to use something they CAN understand. I think there is a direct correlation between the increase in badly behaved children and the decrease in acceptance of spanking as discipline. It's a fact. Spanking works.

Laura Lee said...

seems to me that if the mother didn't cave once in a while, there would be no percentage in the kid acting up. in other words,,,i'm willing to bet the ranch that at least sometimes this kids' tactics work,,,and he gets his way. i always told my kid you'll get a whole lot more from me if you never ask for anything. i also pointed out to him misbehaving kids,,and how the adults around were looking at said miscreant. did he want people to look at him that way? hell no! never had problems with my kid doing this kind of thing.
there. my parenting lesson 101.

Marilyn said...

I don't disagree that some kids need spanked but you just can't spank them in public anymore. I only spanked daughter a few times when she was really little (at that age when they want to run out in the street and do stupid things that'll get them killed)and honestly it didn't work as well as other punishments. But all kids are different. Now that she's older I make her write sentences. She hates that.

I hate standing in line behind a screaming kid but reasoning never works. All you can do is leave the store and deal with the tantrum. I hate when the parent gives in and buys the candy bar or whatever.

Janna said...

Metalmom: Just make sure you duct tape it so it's air-tight.

Desert Songbird: More parents need to perfect the Evil Eye.

Mr. Fab: You naughty boy.

Lee: Absolutely! 100% correct!

LauraLee: Good job. :)

Marilyn: I hate it when the parent caves in too. It's the principle of the thing. No means NO!!