Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Various thoughts

1) Our concert was tonight.
(**shrug**). It was ok.
Not entirely horrible, but not as flawless as I would have liked.
Our next one will probably be in July.

2) We had 11 people meet at The Hunt Club afterward for ABC group. I had nachos (though The Hunt Club calls them "Wiley Chips" for some reason). Some of the guys had beer... really dark beer. I forget what kind it was. I'm not much of a beer chick. Bleccch. How anyone can drink beer along with their meal and actually enjoy the food is beyond me.

3) This Friday (May 11th) there is a party at Jason's house. I'm looking forward to it and plan on having a good time. I don't go to many parties. First, I don't get invited to many, and second, I'm generally not the social butterfly party type anyway. But it's cool when it's this particular group of friends (the ABC's). I like them, they're fun and weird and lovably unconventional. (Just my type!)

4) Usually I'm not much of a drinker. It just doesn't interest me most of the time. Plus, in my opinion most alcohol tastes like crap. Yet once in a great while (again, with the ABC group) I feel the urge to kill a few brain cells and act like an idiot. (Granted, the "idiot" part I can probably manage without the alcohol, but hey.) I haven't decided yet whether I'll be drinking at the party. If I do, it will probably be something wussy like schnapps or jello shots or hard lemonade. I can't stand straight liquor. Or beer. Or wine. I'd make a lousy alcoholic, wouldn't I?

5) For goodness sake, don't hide the bodies somewhere obvious where people will find them... unless you want to be caught...

6) I am really thirsty right now.

7) Is anybody out there? Anyone? Anyone?


Cincy Diva said...

::waves hand::
have a good time Friday

onionboy said...

7) nope, i'm not out here.

Marilyn said...

I'm here! Not liking booze is not a bad thing. I like red wine so much that I just don't drink it anymore. It's a bad thing for me.

Desert Songbird said...

Nope, not here. I've left the building...

Morgen said...

Nope. Not here.
Left the building with Desert Songbird. Making sand angels in the desert.

Matt-Man said...

I dont where I am. I must have drank too much Rose.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Vodka makes me very happy, but I have a history of making very poor choices under its influence.

Lynda said...

7) Are you channeling Pink Floyd?

6) Drink some water. Alcohol doesn't help thirst!

5) Who would hide the bodies in an obvious place? No one should be digging in my back yard but me!

4) I haven't drank in two years because most alcohol tastes like crap. But I really could see myself getting wasted on wine coolers. LOL

3) Have fun! Sometimes it is good to step out of your comfort zone and go to those things. Well, that is how it always is for me.

2) You could ask my husband. He enjoys food and beer.

1) Sometimes the best things are flawed.

metalmom said...

Was that the MIKE Hunt club? HAH!

Starrlight said...

Not here. Living in "what the heck have I done" land :P

Natalie said...

Certain foods go well with beer, like Wiley Chips, Pizza, and Burgers.

Danielle said...

I think I'm here or there.
I know I must be somewhere.
Maybe we are all nowhere.
Swimming in the sea of nonexistence.

Steven said...

That's it...no alcohol for you Missy! Not while you are on antibiotics and trying to heal. You need your full energy and strength to focus on getting that leg better. But smoke all the pot you want! (just kidding! [kind of])

Janna said...

Cincy: Thank you!

Onionboy: You SHOULD be!!

Marilyn: Most alcohol reminds me of kerosene or lighter fluid...

Desert Songbird: Come back!

Morgen: Why is everyone leaving???

Matt-man: Thank goodness at least some things never change. :)

Mr. Fab: Tell me some stories!

Lynda: Just call me "Pink Janna". Floyd won't mind.

Metalmom: LOL! Or the "York Hunt" Club!

Starrlight: I visit there often too! Wanna see my postcards and keychains and shot glasses?

Natalie: (*shudder*)

Danielle: Wow, I think I understood that... that's deep, man... now I have the munchies...

Steve: Maybe there will be "special" brownies...