Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pardon me as I drift further into insanity

I HATE having this I.V stuck into my wrist vein 24 hours a day. I can feel it in there whenever I move my arm at all, and it is driving me crazy. It has to be in there four whole F***ing days. (Wed-Thurs-Fri-Sat.).
I. Can. Feel. It.
Acghh! Take it out! Take it out! I'll tell you whatever you want to know, just take it out!!! Resplendent ovarian quiche habitat in a regurgitated omnivorous spherical zephyr! Anticlimactic burglarized quarterly vaseline triplets masquerading as triglyceride hoofbeats! Fear the philanthropic antique jello meridian!


Desert Songbird said...

I feel your pain. Really, I do. I've gone through enough medical procedures to last me a life time, and I know how you feel.

Steven said...

Perhaps this was a whole ploy to take your mind off of your leg pain.

Morgen said...

Um... what's in that IV drip, anyway???

Marilyn said...

My mother-in-law had one of those shunt things in her arm for three months or so. When they took it out she was soo happy.

They could at least give you some fun drugs or something to take your mind off.

Lynda said...

Sorry, they don't give you a port for only four days.

Janna said...

Desert Songbird: Thanks for that. It made me feel a little better, knowing someone understands.

Steve: I wondered about that!!

Morgen: Antibiotic called Rocephin! That was it, I swear!

Marilyn: You should call them and TELL them to give me some fun drugs. They might listen to you.

Lynda: Huh? Port what...? I am missing something here... The IV is in my arm for 4 days. May 9, 10, 11, and 12... Honest! Really! What am I missing here?