Saturday, March 17, 2007

Templates & Backgrounds & Banners, oh my

As you can see, I've changed the banner and background again.
This afternoon Morgen and I worked at changing the HTML of my template, to make it easier for me to switch banners. It was awfully frustrating, but eventually things somehow worked out. (Thank you, Morgen). As soon as I got home, I started working on creating this new look. I was in one of those moods where I just HAVE to make something.
This is almost too cheery and bright and sunshiney for me; I like the green-blue-violet end of the spectrum better. Yet I felt the urge to make a banner/background that featured french horns, so voila.
Now that it's easier (hopefully) to change my banner, I may be doing it more often. We'll see how long it takes me to get sick of this one. (Apparently it took me only two weeks to get sick of the previous one. :)


Steven said...

Excellent! I like it. We'll just consider this one of you "light" periods. Very timely with Spring in the air.

Morgen said...

I like it, too!
I hadn't expected a new banner quite this quickly -- I WAS joking when I said you'd be switching it out every 14 hours!!!!
I'm glad it worked out, though!

Thanks for your visit! I suppose I should write this in an e-mail instead of a comment, but what the hey... it's 2:36am and I just had the other half of my spinach wrap. Yep, woke up STARVING. I'm glad that you not only got to come and see me (and get your birthday present, finally -- hey, I want a review of the rose petal tea!) but also that Lee took us out to dinner. That was totally HIS idea, by the way -- I was kinda shocked (in a good way) and note how I slipped in a few "NEXT time Janna comes to visit" remarks into the conversation over dinner... ?
Well, he was in a good mood for the rest of the evening -- he even let me come into HIS room!!! So, I think an acutal weekend-invite may be in the making! I'll keep dropping hints.
Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for a nice visit.
Hope you find your memory wire (how funny is it that you can't remember where the memory wire is?!?!) and make some bracelets!

Bluepaintred said...

hello! i found you via fabs site. if you would like to email me at i will send you a screen shot of what i see (which includes the bunny)


Always on the Move said...

AND...I also really like it, it's really nice...I also change something on my Blog quite a bit, but I have no idea how to do it, so I also have a friend help me every single time. I'd like to add a banner, so I think that will be my next attempt at my blog!!!!
It looks GREAT!!! :oD

Morgen said...

Always On The Move: putting up a photo header/banner is easier than it sounds.
I'm sure Janna can tell you how (or I can)

Mr. Fabulous said...

That is a French horn? Look at all those pipes. That is SO like the French...

Travis said...

I like it!

And now that you can switch so easily, I'll never know what I might find when I come here.

Janna said...

Steve: I almost feel like I need to make up for the cheeriness by making something with gravestones and rain clouds next time. :)

Morgen: Dinner was great, wasn't it? :) We should do that more often.

Blue: I see the bunny now! :)

Always OTM: Thanks! :)

Morgen: I don't remember how we did it!!! :o I felt so lost after the first few tries.... I coulda torn my hair out.

Mr Fab: Wait til you see how they fry potatoes...

Travis: Glad you like it. :)