Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hopefully I won't dream about red trees...

I am SO exhausted.
I've hardly slept at all these past couple nights.
It's about 6:15 in the afternoon/evening and I'm seriously thinking of going to bed early.
With any luck, I'll fall sleep quickly and stay asleep until my body has had enough.
Hopefully I'll get up in time to post something for Manic Monday.

Weird thing:
I've never hallucinated (as far as I can remember, anyway;)... but today I may have come close. I was riding in a car, extremely tired, and I noticed that whenever I looked at vertical structures like telephone poles or trees, there was a bright red misty hazy shadow around them. Sorta like a smoky glow, but bright red.
I've recreated the effect in this picture. Imagine regular wintery dormant trees, the usual black streaks against a gray sky, except there's also all this bright RED stuff surrounding them for no apparent reason. Oooh, and when I shifted my eyes or turned my head, the reddish pinkish colors would kind of dance. (Someone cue Jefferson Airplane to start playing White Rabbit)
Freaky. Cool. Bizarre.
Not sure what it was all about, though.
At least I was just a passenger, not driving. With my vision that screwed up, who KNOWS what other weird things I could have (literally) run into!
And hopefully dear sweet blissful sleep will make it all go awaaaaayyyy.


Travis said...

I had an optical illusion last night that my briefcase was expanding.

I'm certain that's because my 4 day holiday is almost over and I have to go back to work.

Cincy Diva said...

If it had been a bue haze I would have thought you had gotten into someone's Viagra stash

Steven said...

Clearly you are just seeing the energy lifeforce (aura) of the trees. You are a clairvoyant! Will you do me? Will you do me? Uh, read my aura, that is.

Janna said...

Travis: That just means your briefcase was really really "Excited" about going back to work... ;)

Cincy: Maybe the generic Viagra is red...

Steven: Of course I'll do you! Oh, you meant the aura...