Saturday, March 17, 2007

Posting from Dowagiac

Here I am, visiting Morgen in Dowagiac today, typing on his wonderful laptop which makes my nasty old desktop computer look like something from the Flintstones.
Proof that I am not a morning person: On my way over here, I stopped to get gas. The lady at the convenience store took a look at me and asked "Wow, have you been driving all night??"
Gee, thanks! I wonder how awful I must have looked? Does my "Morning Janna" look like a deranged crack whore on wheels or something?
Also on my way over here, I saw that a cop had pulled someone over. When I glanced over as I was passing, I saw that the guy was being put in handcuffs!! Wow-- wonder what happened there?
Additional weirdness seen on the road: Can you believe there are STILL people who have their Christmas lights up?? Not only do one or two houses still have lights strung up, but there's also still a Christmas tree, fully lit, along M-99 between Litchfield and Jonesville. What are these people thinking?
Today is St. Patrick's day and I totally forgot to wear green. It didn't even occur to me, which is weird because I DID remember that it was St. Patrick's day; i just forgot about the tradition of wearing green. I did remember to bring some cute shamrock-shaped straws with me so Morgen and I could celebrate by drinking various carbonated caffeine-laden beverages through seasonally-appropriate plastic shapes.
Last time I posted from Morgen's computer (was it back in December?), I included a totally unrelated picture I found while rooting around his graphics files. It's weird to hit the "browse" button and see pictures that aren't yours, y'know? So, in keeping with tradition, lemme hunt through his pictures and find one to include...
There... how about a frog?
Or is it a toad?
Is it one of those that you can lick, and get high? (Note to self: No "high" is ever worth licking a toad)
I have not been sleeping well lately. I hear that prolonged sleep deprivation will eventually lead to insanity, so at least I have that to look forward to.
Or... maybe I'm already there.


Janna said...

Memo to Janna: it's a frog.
A leopard frog, actually.

Since you BLATANTLY STOLE it from the Mo-Archives, I guess I should know what it is, eh?

What she didn't tell y'all is:
She brought us shamrock-shaped straws for our Mountain Dew!
(I know you're jealous, aren't you????)

Steven said...

Tell Morgen "hello" for me! Do you have water yet??

Juby said...

I love the deranged crackwhore on wheels description lol. Wouldn't that be a great Halloween costume..get you some hooker boots, fishnets and a plunging neckline. it'll be HOT! :-)

Morgen said...

Hi Steve! No, she's still dry as the Sahara in August. But I gave her Mt. Dew so she can have to pee once she gets home! (Aren't I sweet?)

Desert Songbird said...

Well, if you're going to be a deranged crack whore, what better company to be with than Mo?

[[Snort!]] Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Morgen said...

Oh, Desert Songbird: I knew there was a reason I love ya!

Janna: don't like any toads, put try kissing a few frogs -- you never know which one might be your prince charming, just waiting for you to turn him back into a man. Oh wait, there probably was a good reason for witchie-poo to turn him into a frog in the first place. Perhaps frog-legs are in order: sauteed with some sage & thyme, they taste JUST LIKE CHICKEN! :)

Christine said...

Someone has an Easter tree up in their front window, near my house~ with pastel lights that they turn on at night.
Maybe that's what you were seeing~ not Christmas lights still up, but Easter decorations.

Janna said...

Morgen: LOL, Dude, you forgot to sign in with your own account, so it looks like you posted as ME! .....and hey, I did too mention the straws. They're right next to the picture of the frog. :)

Steven: I told him hello! Look down a little further, he's replied!

Juby (Kyle): We could go as a team!

Morgen: There you are! And thanks for the Mountain Dew. Yes, I had to pee, but it was totally worth it. :)

Desert Songbird: I love it when you snort. :)

Morgen: I tried frog legs once, and they did kinda taste like chicken!

Christine: Easter trees? How weird! When did THAT start????