Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A hole in my memory

Have you ever had a 'brain fart' moment where you can't remember someone's name?
Like, someone you've seen in movies and on TV LOTS OF TIMES??
There's this guy... and I can't remember his name, though I can see his face in my head as clear as day.
It's been bugging me all day long.
Why can't I remember his name??
It's going to hit me soon, I hope... I'll be laying in bed, trying to sleep, when all of a sudden I'll remember and will shout out loud in the darkness "THAT'S his name!! It's....."
But for right now, I'm stuck.
I know if I described him, you would ALL know his name, and would think I was a total idiot for not being able to remember it.
Hopefully by the next time I log on to the computer to read your comments, I'll have remembered his name and won't need to have it shouted at me.
But, just in case, here goes:
He was in Remington Steele. He was James Bond for awhile. He was in a movie called The Thomas Crown Affair. He has a British accent.
WHO IS HE????????
And why the hell can't I remember his name???? I can see his face, I can hear his voice & his accent, I just can't remember his name.
All I can think of is Bronson Pinchot, but I know that's not right. Bronson Pinchot is another guy altogether, who played "Balki" on the sitcom Perfect Strangers, and was in a movie called Blame It On The Bellboy.
Aggggh! This is so frustrating.
I know I could easily look it up on Google or Wikipedia, but it's the principle of the thing, y'know?? I want to remember it on my own!!
So, y'know what, I'm not going to read my comments until I remember the name on my own. Feel free to shout his name as loud as you want, but I won't read it 'til I've already figured it out.
Must..... remember..... name......

UPDATE: Now I remember! Pierce Brosnan! See, I almost had it right with "Bronson Pinchot", my brain was confusing "Bronson" with "Brosnan", and the initials "BP" with "PB".


onionboy said...

Pierce Brosnan?


sure, it's the guy who doesn't even watch movies or tv who has to try to help you out...

Morgen said...

Pierce Brosnan

best bond ever

Remington Steele
and yes, Thomas Crown

How could you NOT remember Remington Steele? Er, I mean Pierce Brosnan!


Pierce Brosnan said...

How could you forget me, love?


Janna said...

Onionboy: Yes, thanks. I remembered his name at 5:00 this morning, finally. One of these days you're going to have to explain why you don't watch TV or movies!

Morgen: I dunno about the "best Bond ever", but yep, that's him. I still don't know why my brain couldn't remember his name for an entire day. The neurons just weren't firing right, I guess!

Pierce: Sorry, babe. My favorite Bond was Sean Connery. And I never really got into Remington Steele. And I only saw The Thomas Crown Affair once.
Maybe if you'd like to "visit" more often, to help keep my memory refreshed....