Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Weird Dream

I was on some kind of pilgrimage with a huge group of young people (age range-- about 6 through 20). I don't know what our destination was, but we were all walking there together on a well-worn path through the wilderness. There was a city a few miles ahead of us. Along with one of the pre-teen kids (he was maybe 12) , I saw a little boy at the side of the road. He was still standing, but he was frozen solid, like a statue. Completely petrified, changed to stone as if he had seen the face of Medusa.
I expressed shock and surprise, but the person next to me said "Nah, that's just Billy."
As if that explained everything.
"Wait a minute," I said to the pre-teen, confused. "I thought YOUR name was Billy."
"It is," he replied.
No one else seemed to care that there was this petrified kid-statue at the side of the road; they just walked right on by and kept going toward our destination.
I reached out to Billy-the-statue and touched the side of his head (or maybe it was his shoulder.) I said something, but don't remember what it was. Instantly Billy un-froze and came back to life, resuming his walk.
He never thanked me for this strange resuscitation, nor did anyone else seem to notice or care.
After all, it was just Billy.

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Travis said...

Oh my. Now that's an odd dream.