Monday, January 29, 2007

Manic Monday #1: Cruising

Welcome to the first edition of Manic Monday.

Click here to read Morgen's explanation of the whole thing.
As you can see, today's theme is "Cruising."
My first reaction, when I read that, was "HUH???"
I wondered what the heck I could possibly say about "cruising", since I've never been on a cruise, nor have I ever owned a car of sufficient "coolness" factor to really cruise in. I've never cruised the streets/bars for dates, and I haven't been in a police cruiser.
(Yes, I know, I've led an incredibly dull life. Cry for me later.)
But I was eventually able to come up with a few tidbits about "cruising" which actually applied to me, sorta. Rather than just choosing one, I figured I'll just plop them all in there like a big ol' can of Alpo into the cyber-dog-dish.

1) Fettucine Alfredo
2) Beef Stroganoff
3) Mini Egg Rolls
4) Stuffed Flounder
5) Stuffed Mushrooms
6) Italian Sausage & Rigatoni
7) BBQ Ribs
8) Raspberry Tarts
9) Dark Chocolate Torte
10) Black Forest Cheesecake

TEN PLACES I WOULD CRUISE TO IF I HAD AN UNLIMITED SUPPLY OF MONEY, GAS, AND TIME: (And someone else to do the actual driving, so I wouldn't need to worry about getting lost alone:)
1) Mackinac Bridge (Michigan)
2) South Haven (Michigan)
3) Los Angeles, CA (to visit Steve and attend a taping of Craig Ferguson's show)
4) Anyplace in Canada (Eh?)
5) Chicago (to shop at the Levenger store and visit the museums)
6) Florida (so I could see a real live alligator in its "natural habitat"... LOL)
7) New York (to attend a taping of David Letterman's show)
8) Maine (just because I've never been there... and I hear that's where Stephen King lives. :)
9) Cambridge, MA (to visit Harvard square and the "Car Talk" garage)
10) Seattle, WA (Frasier used to work there, and the space needle thingy looks cool).

1) He is completely tone-deaf and can not sing on-key. (Anyone who's seen Top Gun has ample evidence of this.)
2) The whole "jumping on Oprah's couch" thing.
3) His judgmental negative viewpoints on antidepressants (and other prescriptions), and his self-righteous conviction that he knows best. (Evidence: the Matt Lauer Today Show interview, talking about Brooke Shields).
....By the way, did we ever actually get to see clear photographic evidence that his kid is real?? Or just a plastic doll-- ("New Barbie: The Suri Edition! Comes with a B-list of celebrities and a tiny couch to jump on, just like Daddy!")


Sanni said...

Hooray for the Mr Cruise points =)

So, if you are bringing the dark chocolate torte or the black forrest cheese cake I´ll be the one to drive you to Maine. I love Steven King - such a great read!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

janna honey wonderful post and i loved the last part, it was so original! (well now this little cookie is a smart one, i can tell already!) smiles, bee

Morgen said...

Mmmm.... cruise food!
Janna, if you and I went to the cruise buffet they'd be going, "We buffet no more. We dry cleaner now."

What a great Manic Monday I appreciate you not only participating, but going to the other minion's posts and thanking them! That really means a lot to me!
love ya,

Lexa Roséan said...

Hi Janna
thanks for visiting my blog and leaving those funny comments. also great job on the banners for Morgan. Well this was fun and let me know when you're going to the Windy City. It's a great town and wow I LOVe Levenger too! Let's go pen shopping!

Travis said...

Wooo-hooo!! My city made the top 10 places!! The Emerald City (Seattle) should be on everyone's "places to visit" list.

Oh - thanks for the great banners too!

Desert Songbird said...

Great lists! I love Letterman and adore Ferguson.

That Cruise Creature? Blech.

JohnH985 said...

Cool list. I feel like I should be signing off as Gilligan :)

Matt-Man said...

Although not a big dessert fan the rest of your cruise food is fan damn tastic...Cheers!!