Monday, December 18, 2006

Reindeer poop and Castro Claus

I'm home!
I had a nice weekend with Lee and Morgen, and there are a couple stories to share.
Last night Lee went to bed early, and Morgen & I watched the DVD of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. Sure, we'd both probably seen it a thousand times already in previous years, but we wanted to see it again!!!
We were both in a sarcastic snarky mood, and had great fun making comments to/about the characters. Click here to read his review of the whole thing...
Then we watched the special extras that came with the DVD, like a trivia quiz and a song called "Fame And Fortune"... then we noticed that we had the option of watching the whole cartoon over again in SPANISH! So we did-- well, most of it, anyway... Morgen chose to skip over some parts. It was hilarious, though! The two most hilarious things are (1) In the Spanish version, the elf workshop seems more like a sweatshop, and (2) Santa sounds like Fidel Castro. We began calling him "Castro-Claus."
Since we've both seen the cartoon in English so many times, we kinda knew what each character was saying, and occasionally an amusing Spanish translation would send us into fits of laughter. (Example: Clarice the doe is referred to as a "chica", and Santa tells the reindeer to "arriba, arriba!" just like he's Speedy Gonazles.)
Earlier in the evening, when Lee was still downstairs watching stuff with us, we had these yummy homemade brownies. Good and chocolaty and soft and dense, with solid chunks of chocolate to bite into... yum. I was told there were other cookies available as well, so I made a mental note to try some later. Well, one of the christmas cookies Lee makes is a chocolate-drop thing, which looks like a miniature ball-shaped chocolate sugar cookie. Morgen calles them "reindeer poop." He mentioned it during one of his "Seven Silly Questions" with Neila a couple weeks ago. (Here's the post, scroll down to the last bit of questions). I vaguely remember trying the poop during a previous visit, back when Lee & Morgen lived in Cincinnati. They were really good, kinda like a chocolate shortbread or cocoa-infused butter cookie. And they're in little balls slightly larger than an olive.
So, later in the evening Morgen got up to fetch himself a plate of cookie varieties and a cup of eggnog. I wasn't hungry at the time, so I didn't get any for myself, but I did notice that his plate contained little chocolate drop cookies.
"Oooh," I asked, "Is that the reindeer poop?" He said yes, it was!
So, fast forward to this morning, when I'm getting ready to leave, hauling my bags out of the bedroom and toward the front door. (Morgen was still upstairs in the shower). I asked Lee if I could please have some reindeer poop to eat on the drive home.
His reply: "I have no idea what you're talking about."
But his expression and manner implied that he DID know what I meant; he just objected to someone calling the cookies "reindeer poop." He didn't look confused at my question, it was more like a "you didn't say the magic word" kind of coyness. Morgen HAS mentioned that Lee hates it when people call the cookies 'reindeer poop'.
But I didn't know the "official" name for the cookies, so I didn't know what to really call them.
After making sure I had all my belongings packed up, including any leftover munchies/beverages I'd brought, I asked again if I might please have some pieces of reindeer poop.
Again, Lee's response was "I have no idea what you're talking about." Again, the implication that I wasn't using the proper term for them.
He did compromise by saying there was one brownie left and that I was welcome to take that with me. I said ok. The brownies are huge, about twice the size of a deck of cards, which is bigger than the reindeer poop would've been anyway, so I guess I came out ahead.
Still, I would have liked to have tried the little reindeer poop cookies too, and it kinda bugs me that I asked twice and didn't get any.
I shoulda snatched one off Morgen's plate when he wasn't looking.


Cincy Diva said...

Perhaps it was actually Elk Excrement

Aisby said...

Is it me, or is Santa kind of an asshole in that movie?