Friday, December 15, 2006

Just checking in before I dissappear for a couple days

Hi, everyone!
I made the two-hour trip to Dowagiac this morning, and here I am at The Wren's Nest with Morgen. We just ordered Chinese for lunch. (I'm having boneless spareribs and an egg roll). Not bad at all, considering at first I wasn't really all that hungry!
There's a CD of Christmas music in the background, playing a nice instrumental version of "Oh Holy Night".
Have a lovely weekend, all you guys and gals out there in blog-land. I will hopefully be having a nice time myself, enjoying the hospitality of good friends and holiday treats.
See you Monday.


Matt-Man said...

Be wary Janna, remember what happened the last time you were there:

Sunday, Lee asked me what I wanted for dinner. He gave me three choices:
1) Beef stew over biscuits
2) Chicken & gravy over biscuits
3) Chili over biscuits.

Have fun you crazy kids...

Cincy Diva said...

Be careful what you ask for when it comes to dinner! Have a great time!

Morgen said...

Hi guys -- just so you know, for Friday night: Lee was sick so Janna & I went out to dinner.
I let her pick -- Pizza Hut
I let her pick the pizza -- Meat Lovers

That's exactly what she got!
ho ho ho