Monday, November 20, 2006

Where's my book?

Pardon me while I gripe for a moment.

I bought a book on E-bay on November 6th, and the seller still hasn't mailed it to me yet. (2 weeks!)
I've tried e-mailing the seller but she has not responded.
So I went to Paypal, (which has a record of the fact that I paid), and began the dispute process. (First time I've ever had to do that).
It was only $3.10, (shipping included), but still, money's money, y'know? And right now, money's tight; that $3.10 was a splurge. I had considered getting the book brand new at a bookstore, but that would have cost a lot more-- not only the book itself, but also the cost of the gas. The nearest bookstore is over in Jackson, about 30 miles away. A one-hour round trip-- plus the actual cost of the book-- would certainly have come to over three bucks. So I figured I was better off just accepting a 'previously-owned' book via E-Bay.
I wish we had a Barnes & Noble in Hillsdale/Jonesville.
Or a Borders. Or a Waldenbooks, even. Something.
Hillsdale is a college town; why don't they have a decent bookstore? It does have this used bookstore called "Volume I", but the prices are a bit more than one would expect to pay for a used book. The E-bay route was still more cost-effective.
Jonesville has this place called "The Book House," but they specialize mostly in textbooks.
What's a poor book-lover to do???


Matt-Man said...

Save Yourself, Janna. read the Bible.

Steven Novak said...


Never by on Ebay.

Always sell though...

Cause it's fun to rip people off. ;)


Morgen said...

glad to hear you've started legal action against the Ebay slacker who has scammed you out of your inheritance. grab that bitch by the shorthairs and shake her 'til your copy of Dracula falls outta her --- sorry, is this a PG rated blog???

If Borders is head-quartered in Michigan, why are there so few Borders Books & Music in Michigan??? You can't swing a dead goat in Ohio without hitting a Borders...
not that I have had that much goat-carcass swinging practice, mind you...

Lee & I have decided that with the price of gas, that since I have a Barnes&Nobles rewards card that gives us free shipping online, it's actually CHEAPER to order from B& than to drive 45 minutes each way to the nearest B&N. Go figure, huh? Plus, online, I order only what we need/want, not every little impulse splurge that jumps into my arms "oooh, what a pretty cover" in the NewAge section at Barnes&Noble (not to mention the obligatory grande chai and the stop at Empire Buffet!).

I've gone from freezing at the store today to now sweating like a whore in church. I sure hope I haven't caught the mystery intestinal bug that wiped Lee out for 48 hours... or matt-man's WIR flu bug...
or any bugs.