Monday, November 20, 2006

I remember this kid

About ten years ago, I had a job as a counselor at an institution for troubled teens. There were some pretty rough kids in there, many of which had been sent there by a judge. Many came from backgrounds of abuse and crime, and many (if not most) seemed to be headed in that same direction for their futures as well. The group I worked with ranged in age from 14-18.
Once in awhile I think about that particular batch of teens, (who would be in their mid-twenties by now), wondering how they all turned out.
Today in the news, I heard about one of them.
After leaving the institution about 9-10 years ago, he got convicted of carrying a concealed weapon & fleeing and eluding police, plus he spent 4 years in prison for selling illegal drugs...
And yesterday he was charged with two counts of first-degree murder, three counts of assault with intent to commit murder, one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm and one count of using a firearm during a felony.
Here's one article about it.
Here's another.
He's facing life in prison without parole if convicted.


Morgen said...

He fatally shot an elderly woman sitting in her car in front of the day care where she worked.
Life in prison?
I'm sorry, they need to fry this guy.
Battery acid injected into his testicles would be a start. Then some ebola virus grafted under his fingernails & toenails so that his limbs rot from the tips up.
Aren't you glad I'm not a magistrate?
Seriously, the death penalty is too good for this guy.
Sorry that you knew him, but people like that -- who us tax payers will spend millions of dollars upon during their life sentences -- just need to be taken out back and shot.
I'm done with my rant now.
We return to regularly scheduled programming...

Morgiana Le Fey said... must be feeling just a little odd about having known someone who turned out to be a murderer...well, hell, i can't say anything...

Cincy Diva said...

It's scary when you realize you know someone who has taken a life. don't hold back Morgen, tell us how you really feel!

Janna said...

Morgen: I know. He did an awful thing.
Morgian and Cincy: It IS strange.

One thing I realized when I read the article is that his next court date is on Nov 30th, and he's being kept in jail until then. So his Thanksgiving will be spent behind bars.
That's really sad.
He has completely screwed up his life.

Morgen said...

do you get turkey dinner in jail on Thanksgiving?
or just the same old rations?

I mean, not that I plan on going to jail, but the way the bill collectors keep talking, ya never know... do they still have debtor's prison?

I've never thought about prison food before. I mean, I know it's more than bread & water, but what do they serve?

I'm clearly thinking WAY too much about this...

STAK said...

i know EXACTLY how you feel.........i've had the exact same experience 3 times now.......always makes me wonder if i'm wasting my time.......