Sunday, November 19, 2006

Invisible snowflakes

It's snowing out there right now. Really, honest, it is. Big white flakes. I swear. So I went out on my porch and took a picture. Yet, for some inexplicable reason, the snowflakes didn't show up in the picture. So you'll just have to take my word for it. In the meantime, enjoy the pointless picture of my driveway. Look at all the dead leaves! Hey, what can I say. I don't believe in raking. Hopefully on some level my absence-of-lawn-care actually counts as lawn care, because surely those leaves will eventually break down into nice nutritious mulch for the grass. (...right?) Think of it as apathy and environmentalism, coming together in beautiful poetic irony.


Mo said...

perhaps you just need Head & Shoulders

oooh what a bitch

no, really, I belive you ...
or would that be

your message on our answering machine was funny
I have the ringer turned off
(repo man, ya know)
my car is still in the driveway
I just checked
Lee is deeelighted that it's dark at 6pm
I, personally, don't like driving home in the dark
It's 7pm and he just went to bed.
His tummy is still upset.

He ACTUALLY came to see me at the store today, though!!!!!
I about fell over.

Okay, I guess streaming sunday should be over
or is that sundae as in lime sherbert with alleged cherry sundae topping


the immaculate deception

as thanksgiving approaches, I crave things from my past
like sausage & sauerkraut balls (you KNOW I ain't gettin 'em this year) and creamed herring... oh, so deelish

hope this posts
love ya mosts

Mo said...


this is from my new gay blogger I.D.

I've been invited to join 2 (yes TWO) gay group blogsites
I'll post about 'em tomorrow

this was a test run to see how my gravatar pic posted
I shoulda gone with Glinda


Janna said...

Your avatar/gravatar thingy looks cool!
Sauerkraut balls?? Eeeewwww.
Creamed herring?? Good lord, man, just stick with turkey. Lee says you make the very best roast turkey on the face of the planet.
He never mentioned anything about 'sauerkraut balls'... unless there was some code word I TOTALLY misinterpreted.
LOL. :)
(Word verification: podvots. Sounds like a Saturday morning cartoon)

Morgen said...

I think PodVots could be the next craze amongst pre-teens! First Yu-Gi-Oh and now PodVots! You MUST market them! It's okay that they're actually cat turds with squiggle eyes glued on -- give them their own trading cards and you'll make squillions!

Lee has never been around me when I have eaten any goodies like sauerkraut balls (a specialty of my late grandmother) or creamed herring (which Lee is just damned lucky he's going to Meijer's alone tonight to do our turkey shopping, or I think a jar of herring might just end up in the cart!

The one thing I asked for (when he said "What kind of snackies do you want for Thanksgiving Day?") was a cheese ball & bagel chips. He said HE didn't want bagel chips (they're too hard) and he preferred dip rather than a cheese ball. I had a WHY THE FUCK DID YOU ASK ME IN THE FIRST PLACE THEN Jannafied moment... chili or chicken? Chicken? Okay, Lee says we're having Chili anyway, but thanks for playing...
Why does he EVEN ASK us if he won't let us have what our choice is, anyway?????????????

This will be the first year, by the way, since we've been together, that I'm NOT doing a full turkey for Thanksgiving. We're just having a turkey breast. The jury's still out on whether or not it goes into the slow cooker or the oven. I figure I'll just let him decide, since my culinary decisions apparently count for squat anyway... I mean, it's not like I asked for sauerkraut balls or anything!!!

Looking forward to PodVots soon at a website near you!

my word verification for this comment is
which, I believe is the sound you make after eating too many sauerkraut balls...

Morgiana Le Fey said...

janna i think i'm getting addicted to your blog...