Sunday, November 19, 2006

Alphabet Soup

In Morgen's blog today, he mentioned being frustrated that people often spell his name incorrectly.
I know the feeling. My first name is "Jannafer". That's J-A-N-N-A-F-E-R. When I first meet someone, they almost always mispronounce it "Jennifer," and I have to immediately correct them, lest it become ingrained in their minds the wrong way forever.
During grade school my nickname was "Jannie," and often people would think it was "Jenny." My gym teacher (who I despised) always called me Jenny. Every day.
Around 7th grade I decided to try changing my name to "Janna". This has worked much better, despite the occasional person who thinks it's "Janis" or "Janet". (My mom's name is Janis, so some people get us mixed up).
So I definitely understand what it's like to have an unusual name, or an unusual spelling to an otherwise common-sounding name.
I know two people whose names sound like "Morgan", but neither of them spell it that way. One (male) spells it "Morgen", the other (female) spells it "Morgian". I also know people named Meera, Feldra, and Chelle.
I like my name, really I do, but there are times when I envy my friend Lee, whose name is so easy to spell-- and hard to spell incorrectly (unless you're really really drunk or illiterate or both).
Plus, it's easy to find a name like "Lee" on personalized keychains, pencils, stationery, etc.
Go into a store and try to find stuff with the name "Jannafer" on it.
Ain't gonna happen.


Morgiana Le Fey said...

Wow! I feel so honored to be mentioned in your blog! I can relate to the "find something in a store with your name on it thing"...but honestly, I have always loved your one little letter changes something from being ordinary into suburbly unique, just like yourself!

Mo said...

suburbly unique

sorry, that made me laugh

I thought you were rurally unique, myself

I'm more urbane, myself

if this morgain ever meets the mo she's gonna bitch slap me, isn't she?

chloe has wet paws from being in the sink

superbly yours,

Janna said...

I can be suburbly unique OR rurally unique; it all depends. :)
(Heh... doesn't 'rurally unique' sound like a politically correct term for 'redneck'?)
Morgian is the most wonderful person on the planet, because she's offered to make that cherry sundae topping for me! From scratch! Just for me! Isn't that great?
How superb!
Er, I mean... how 'suburb'!

onionboy said...

my real last name is NOT onionboy, it's adamshick (it might be latvian for onionboy, you never know), i get called adam ALL the time, it drives me crazy.

i don't think i've quite ever seen "urbane" and "b*tch slap" in consecutive sentences.

Morgen said...

onionboy: then clearly you don't read It's A Blog Eat Blog World
I routinely bitchslap superb urbane sundae-topping craving homies all the time there!

Morgiana Le Fey said...

crimony, one innocent little typo and people (meaning morgEn) go apeshit...and yes, if i ever meet you i will most likely bitch slap your urbane buffet-loving ass (.-;; hehehe...