Wednesday, November 29, 2006

reading and caffiene-- a lovely combination

I stayed up reeeallllly late last night reading Dracula.
I'm about halfway through. I'm tired but eager to finish the book-- maybe I'll even finish it tonight! Certainly by tomorrow at the very latest.
I like the book; Bram Stoker is a good author.
To help me stay awake while I read, I got a bottle of that new Mountain Dew "MDX" stuff. It's... heck, I don't really know what it is. It's GREEN-- kinda like a pale version of watery lime jello. (So how could it possibly be bad, right?)
Here, lemme open the bottle and try it right now....
... Hmmm....
Definitely different from Mountain Dew. Slightly lime-like, but less 'citrusy' than the original Dew.
It's ok. It's not an awe-inspiring taste extravaganza, but if it keeps me awake for awhile longer, that's all I ask.
The bottle says it contains Ginseng, Taurine, Guarana, D-Ribose, and Maltodextrin. Actually I have no clue what the heck any of those things do.
But at least it's green.

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Morgen said...

ginseng is an herb -- lots of teas have it in. gives you a kick.
taurine makes blood go into your muscles, I think.
malodextrin is just another word for sugar.
basically it's hyped up mt dew with some extra sugar & ginseng.
I prefer mello yello, but can never find it.
lately, I've been drinking 7-Up. Go figure.
I tried it because they put "now 100% natural" on the label.
Yep, it's still carbonated water, corn syrup, and citric acid. But, hey, now it's natural! :)
Actually, I like the taste.
But my beverage of choice this week has been Snapple Lemon Iced Tea -- meijers had it 50% off for a case, and I'm enjoying every sip!
glad you're liking Dracula.

are you going to do a review for Writers, Ink?