Monday, November 27, 2006


My book finally arrived today.
The seller sent it to the wrong address, and all this time the Post Office had been hanging on to it, letting it rot on a counter in back somewhere. So, for better or worse, I now have my Dracula book. Of course, now it's nowhere near Halloween, so the seasonality is somewhat ruined. Still, I plan on reading it tonight, in all its horrific glory. I've never read Dracula before, and have only seen the movie once, so this should be a treat.


Matt-Man said...

Yea Janna...By the way, the best Dracula ever: Christopher Lee.

Morgen said...

Glad it finally arrived. And that you didn't have to go too deep into the E-Bay arbitration.
Enjoy your book!

Morgen said...

I have tagged you for a Christmas Song meme!
I know Iknow, you're tired of me meme-tagging you!
But I wanted to see what you could do with this one -- I mean, you're so musical, but you weren't raised with Christmas.
Should be interesting!