Wednesday, November 29, 2006


My newest cravings:

1) Jello shots.
I've never had jello-shots before, but they sound cool.
Here I am at the ripe old age of 36, rapidly tottering off into the horizon of old age, and I've never had jello shots.
I'm imagining either amaretto with cherry jello, or Midori with lime jello. Possibly some Triple Sec with orange jello.
Any suggestions?
I've never made these before, so I don't even know if they'll turn out right.

2) Shrimp scampi and crab cakes and seafood linguine... something zezty/savory that used to live in the ocean! I feel bad for all those people that are allergic to shellfish. It's so tasty. I love recipes that include lobster/crabmeat, yet I admit I've never actually eaten fresh crab/lobster straight from the shell. One of these days when I become hideously wealthy I'll go somewhere and order one off the menu, trying not to think about how the poor little dears are still alive when they hit the boiling water. Their last thought must be "Wow, it's hot in here... or is it just the humidity? Maybe it's-- no, what's that-- AAAUUUUGGGHHHHHH!!!!"


Matt-Man said...

How about WIR and Lime Jello? And Damn You for mentioning crab cakes...Yummmmmmm

onionboy said...

my friend mae is the queen of jello shots. i have been known to be a little partial to them.

STAK said...

Cuervo and lime..........yummy........

Steven Novak said...

GOnna he honest with you...

Can't stand either one of them. ;)


Morgen said...

I've never had a jello shot either.
I think they became popular right after my wanton drinking phase ended.
But I'll bet lime jello with absolut citron is da bomb. I've got the citron if you bring the jello.

And as Jazper was eating his little shrimpies this morning, I thought, damn I could go for some Red Lobster. I used to LOVE their Fisherman's Platter -- where you get like a dozen different deep fried thingies. Mmmmm deep fried seafood goodness...

Hmm. The cat got shrimp for lunch, and I had tunafish. There's something weird here...

Morgen said...

Bruce has been fed for the day.
He should be the size of a whale tomorrow.

Aisby said...

I haven't had a Jello shot since college, but we just used vodka and red jello...okay, we couldn't afford vodka, so we used Golden Grain and red jello.

Crab cakes, lobster, YUMMY!!