Monday, October 30, 2006

Janna returns!

I'm back! I'm back!
I had a lovely weekend with Morgen and Lee. We watched movies and played board games and carved pumpkins and talked about all kinds of stuff.
On Sunday, I woke up with a migraine, so Morgen said "Quick! Get the Scrabble board! We might actually be able to WIN this time!"
And sure enough, I didn't win. Lee won! I came in second. Morgen finished last. (Poor Morgen.)
Then we played Monopoly-- but it was the British version of Monopoly, where the rent is all in pounds instead of dollars, and all the properties have different names. (For example, Boardwalk is called Mayfair.) By then my migraine was all gone, but I still lost miserably. Lee won again, crushing us both beneath his heels as we paid him crippling amounts of rent over and over and over.
He loved it. :)
By the end, Lee had so much money-- PILES of hundreds and five-hundreds, in a big messy stack. If he owed Morgen or me some small fine or rent, he'd just toss us a fifty and mutter something about keeping the change. Heh! And when we landed on his hotels, he'd positively glow with joy as he intoned, "That'll be twelve hundred dollars, please!"
This was rather cute, because Lee generally doesn't get too excited about many things. Seeing him so giddily happy about winning BOTH games, made losing seem worthwhile.
Still, I don't plan on losing Scrabble next time. :) (Watch out, both of you!)
I'll probably still lose at Monopoly, regardless of which version we play. I usually stink at Monopoly, because I just don't land on enough properties to buy in the beginning! Someone else lands on them and puts all manner of buildings on them, and I end up poor and destitute. (Sorta like real life!)
I think there should be a special "Janna" Monopoly piece that's a little metal shopping cart, so Janna the poor old bag-lady can hoard her meager belongings as she moves around the board, stopping now and then to pay exorbitant sums of rent to the heartless landlords who only let her stay til the next roll of the dice....


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good weekend!
You didn't tell them how Lee asked you what you wanted for dinner and how I VETOED your choice
(Yes, you can blame me for the chili. But that was darn good chili!)

Sorry you missed the pumpkin pancakes on Sunday morning, but they were best when drowned in maple syrup, and I know how you LOVE maple syrup ;)

Janna said...

Ahh, yes.. the chicken-and-chili incident. MUST blog about that...