Friday, October 27, 2006

Assorted ramblings

Inspired by Matt-man's "Stream Of Consciousness Friday", my own post will be rather disjointed today as well.
It's been raining ever since I stepped on that spider yesterday.
It's hard to type today; I broke a nail-- so I've got one really short nail and nine longer ones. My longer nails keep hitting the wrong keys. I'm delaying the inevitable sorrow of having to file them ALL down to short little stubs. I loved having long nails. (Feel free to offer sympathy and cash donations. The cash won't help my nails grow any faster, but that's beside the point, right?)
Today I'm typing this at The Wren's Nest on Morgen's laptop (Matt-man, get your mind out of the gutter). I'm going to be visiting him and Lee for a few days, staying in their lovely guest room in Hartford, where I hear the Angel Of Death has been patiently waiting for a couple weeks now. I arrived around 11:30 this morning, and will be staying 'til Monday morning (or for all cursed eternity, depending on the whole pesky 'death' thing.)
It's been at least a month since my previous visit, so I've really been looking forward to this.
I got my certification in the mail from the National Music Therapy Registry, letting me know that my RMT has been renewed for another year. (RMT stands for "Registered Music Therapist".) It's a wonderful field to be in, if you can actually find employment, which I haven't. But I make sure to always keep the certification up-to-date, just in case. Plus I get to tell people I'm an actual real life "Therapist" (while keeping a straight face).
It's a scary thought, I know.
It's about a two-hour drive from my home to Lee & Morgen's home. This is much better than the days when they lived in Cincinnati; then the drive was closer to six hours.
I left my french horn in the back seat of my car... maybe I could go get it and play on the street corner in hope of donations. (If you see a full-figured french hornist with one broken fingernail playing on a street corner somewhere, please leave a generous tip).
Ok, enough rambling for now. Time to go read a bunch of other blogs. (Maybe yours will be among them!)
Cheers, and have a lovely weekend.


Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend. Tell Mo I said Hi. SPeaking of Hi, I wish I were. My shoe is untied, I'd better tie it. That reminds me I need a new tie. Now what about Mo's laptop? I need a smoke.

Anonymous said...

Hartford, eh? I grew up pretty close to there in the booming metropolis of Bangor. My parents still live 2 miles from Red Arrow Highway on CR 681. I don't know why this info may interest you, but... ya know. ; -)

Big Jay

Lae said...

Hi there! Welcome to my new blog, lets exchange links let me know, if u are agree, thanks :)

Christine said...

Oh, no, I sooo disagree~ it would be much better if they lived in Cincy, and you had to drive 6 hours with spider guts on the bottom of your shoe, uneven nails, and a french horn loaded with dollar bills, in the rain, with your straight therapist face on, dodging the angel of death.