Monday, October 30, 2006

More Random Things About Janna

12) I love cats. Dogs tend to be slobbery and smelly, and they seem eager to demonstrate this at every opportunity by drooling and breathing in my face, MUCH too close for comfort. Cats are usually cuddly and clean, without any unfortunate bodily smells. (The litter box is another story). It's wonderful therapy to hold a purring kitty.
13) I have brown eyes which look really dark when I'm in a bad mood. My mother says she could always tell when I was angry because my eyes would be almost black. I guess brown eyes are ok on me, but I much prefer seeing faces with more interesting eye colors like blue, violet, green, gray... brown just seems far too common.
14) My favorite pizza restaurant is Sir Pizza.
15) I'm nearsighted and have been wearing glasses ever since I was 11 or 12. I remember when I wore them for the very first time, I was amazed at how CLEAR everything was. I could look down and actually see individual blades of grass instead of a greenish blur. It was a real eye-opening experience-- no pun intended.
16) Let's face it, farts are funny. There's no reason to pretend otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Never heard of Sir Pizza.
I'm sticking with Donatos.
Or Papa Johns.

Neither of which we have around here

I'm so glad that you got to actually HOLD Chloe this weekend!
Looks like you made a new friend.
Of course, Miss Daphne was her ususal aloof self.
But you & Chloe were very cute together!
Happy Halloween!

my word verification for this post is


As in:
Did you just let one rip, sir?

(that's what Marcie asked Peppermint Patty in bed)

Janna said...

Yes! Anc Chloe even purred for a moment, too!

LOL about Marcie.... ripsir... ROFL...

I'll have to do a future post about Sir Pizza.