Thursday, October 19, 2006

It's an exciting life, folks

What, you may ask, did Janna DO to celebrate her special "Bestest Blog" day?
Here, in vivid detail, is my day:
*Get up
*Check blog comments while still in bathrobe
*Make more "costume" pictures of Morgen (and others who shall remain nameless... for now)
*Notice that the cats' litter box needs scooping
*Get dressed (I wore a pink shirt, gray cardigan, black pants, black socks)...
*Drive to sweet little old lady's house to give her a manicure
*Attempt to explain to her what "Bestest Blog Of The Day" means
*Listen to "All Things Considered" on NPR, putting up with annoying pledge-breaks
*Go grocery shopping, noticing all the items that call themselves "spicy" or "hot", knowing they really aren't
*Buy pizza rolls for dinner (Did you know they have "Mega Pizza Rolls" now? twice the size of the others!)
*Check blog comments while pizza rolls are baking, happily noticing all the new visitors (and repeat-visits too!)
*Momentarily forget about glaring lack of social life
*Write "Thursday Thirteen" lists
*Make another Morgen-picture
*Contemplate what I will do with Photoshop when it's no longer October (!!!)

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