Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

And now, for my very first

Thursday Thirteen list:

Thirteen YANKEE CANDLE Fragrances I Love:

1. Clean Cotton
2. Fresh Comfort
3. Mistletoe
4. Fireside
5. Bay Breeze
6. Tea and Honey
7. McIntosh
8. Granny Smith
9. Fresh Cut Roses
10. Autumn Leaves
11. Autumn Wreath
12. Country Linen
13. Juicy Grapefruit

Thirteen Yankee Candle fragrances I haven't tried yet but would LIKE to try:
1. Berry Tangerine
2. Apple Cider
3. Aloe Vera
4. Eucalyptus
5. Harvest
6. Patchouli
7. Rain Washed
8. Sparkling Pine
9. Greenhouse
10. Queen Anne's Lace
11. Farmhouse Apple
12. Cottage Breeze
13. Cranberry Peppermint


Anonymous said...

Hi -- it's morgen
can't sign onto blogger from home right now
problems with ISP
anyway -- can't believe you haven't tried Harvest.
It's my #1 favorite Yankee Candle.
Sage & Citrus is #2.

ps: LOVE the aternative View.
Can't wait to unleash that one on the un-suspecting public!

Anonymous said...

Hi Janna!

I love Clean Cotton. Love it! I thought I might be the only one...

I think I've smelled and liked Harvest, too. I have one right now that I love-Pumpkin & Vanilla Spice. Very autumn-y.